Thursday, January 20

PS5 pre-order deals and price: where to buy PlayStation 5


PS5 pre-orders remain out of stock for now, but while it’s been difficult to buy a PS5 over the past few weeks, we’re holding out hope for more stock before launch. Whether or not those last minute PS5 pre-orders do arrive, it’s worth keeping an eye on the retailers below to keep checking for more waves. 

It’s worth noting, however, that retailers like Amazon and GameStop Ireland have been notifying their customers that PS5 pre-orders may not arrive on launch day. Those are the only retailers who have so far suggested a delay in their PS5 pre-order shipping and we don’t yet know what this means for supplies at launch. It might be more important than ever to buy a PS5 before release day, then, so we’d recommend keeping an eye on the retailers below for more updates. 

We’ve seen new stock from Best Buy and Amazon in the US so far, with the UK receiving new waves from Currys and Very most recently. Keep checking the retailers below for all the latest information and new updates if you’re looking to buy PS5 before the big day. 


  • Amazon: pre-orders live previously – stay tuned
  • Walmart: pre-orders turn on and off – refresh daily or hourly
  • Best Buy: pre-orders live previously – more on the way
  • GameStop: out of stock online – pre-order in store
  • Sam’s Club: pre-orders live previously – more on the way

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