Wednesday, October 21

PS5 game prices too high? Save on Spider-Man and Demon’s Souls pre-orders here

PS5 game prices have been a bit of a shock to some players. While during the PS4 era, blockbuster games have floated around the £40-£50 range in the UK, when the PS5 launches Sony will retail prices of games like Demon’s Souls for a massive £69.99. So far, we’ve seen retailers keeping pretty close to that price – but now we’re finally seeing outliers offering lower prices for pre-order. is offering Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (with Spider-Man Remastered) for £63.85 each – which is definitely easier to swallow than £70. Numerous discounts are also available on the likes of Watch Dogs Legion and Godfall – see’s PS5 range here

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