Tuesday, November 24

props do better than Apple

Moment, Belkin, Peak Design … the best ideas for MagSafe accessories do not come from Apple, but from props and other specialists. Take a look at the lucrative new technology for Apple’s accessories ecosystem

Our first iPhone 12 tests are online, along with the 12 Pro and 12, while the 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max are finally available for sale. One of the features common to these models is the arrival of MagSafe.

The name of the technology available on MacBooks before the arrival of USB-C has been pulled out of the closet and brought up to date for the iPhone. It’s Qi wireless charging, like all products that have wireless charging, but Apple has added a magnetic strip to it that is used as a magnet.

This new MagSafe is leading the way in making wireless magnetic charging the centerpiece of how we charge all of our devices in the future. One only needs to look at the new MagSafe Duo charger, a wireless charging stand for Apple Watch and iPhone, to realize the potential of this technology. Sold at 150 euros, which is far from being accessible, the MagSafe Duo nevertheless seems only the emerged part of this ecosystem of accessories.

Among smartphone accessories, we find much better ideas … and much more accessible.

Ready for the photo at Moment

Moment, for example, announced its first line of MagSafe products. The range includes cases and a wide selection of mounts that will allow you to attach a lot of things to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 to a lot of things. This is the case of the tripod or the LED flash.

Bekin at the rendezvous

Belkin, meanwhile, announced an integrated clip mount that mounts into a vehicle. An integrated ball joint system allows the iPhone to be switched from portrait to landscape with one hand. The holder also manages cables on the back to store a Lightning cable.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Belkin should have one of the more extensive ranges: they already have a 3-in-1 induction dock to charge their Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, and iPhone 12.

Peak Design goes all out

Peak Design, known for its bags designed for backpacking photographers, launched a Kickstarter campaign dedicated to MagSafe. Bike mounts, car mounts, wall mounts, motorcycle mounts, wireless chargers, even a mobile tripod that folds up completely.

This initiative is not directly related to MagSafe, but the accessories will be compatible with Apple’s technology. This is called Slimlink, it is the new fixing system developed by Peak Design to operate accessories quickly and easily with your smartphone.

There is this card holder that attaches to the back of the smartphone, an adhesive car mount made of anodized aluminum with articulated head, two bike mounts that include the solid mounting system and one of which includes a mount compatible with the action-cams or lights, or an adhesive wall mount to fix your smartphone in your bathroom, kitchen or any other wall.

Profitable technology

What if, instead of buying an extended battery case for your iPhone, you could quickly attach a magnetic battery? It is currently at the concept stage.

Either way, MagSafe is a lucrative new technology for Apple’s accessory ecosystem and opens up some very exciting prospects.

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