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Processors Supposed to Beat AMD Make Appearances Before Time

Intel Rocket Lake-S CPUs are coming! These CPUs for stationary PCs aim to equal … and even surpass AMD processors. An English-speaking media has shared the first data which allow a better understanding of these new processors expected for April 2021.

If hardware enthusiasts are recommending AMD for your next PC setup, it’s no coincidence. With its Zen 3 architecture, AMD is ahead of Intel in many ways. 7nm architecture, PCIe 4.0 support… the list is long and it makes many people hesitate who have been attached to Intel for many years.

An expected update

At Intel, the next generation of Rocket Lake CPUs build on the Lake CPU Cypress Cove architecture and we are expecting a significant overall architecture update. This will even be the biggest update for 6 years with, among other things, the arrival of PCIe 4.0 compatibility which offers higher speeds. The Rocket Lake-S are also entitled to a memory controller that manages DDR4-3200 memory natively.

As a reminder, Intel has been using variations of the Skylake microarchitecture since 2015, the next generations Rocket Lake and Cypress Cove are in fact the first major architecture upgrade in six years. Regarding the manufacturing process, we are talking about an optimized 14nm process, ” 14++++ nm“, The next steps with“ Alder Lake ”and“ 10 nm Super Fin ”are already planned.

According to WCCFTech, whose sources are generally reliable, this is what Intel’s new offering of CPUs for desktop PCs will look like. The models shown are samples engineering (ES). These engineering sample processors (ES) are also referred to as qualification sample processors. These are pre-production processors that Intel must use in the design cycle of products prior to launch. The final versions could therefore show better performance.

If you do not understand anything in the table below, know that the Rocket Lake family would therefore choose a significant increase in the CPI. As a reminder, the IPC (average number of instructions executed in each cycle) which is multiplied by the number of cycles per second (the clock frequency) allows to know the performance of a CPU.

The specialized press is more interested in the Core i9-11900K which could claim to exceed AMD’s Zen 3 range. This CPU would run with a boost core up to 5.3 GHz, according to the datasheet shared above, and all cores can be clocked together up to 4.8 GHz. As for the slides shared above, it is Intel’s data and information that was brought forward in January 2021.

Speaking of motherboards, if you’re going to upgrade to Rocket Lake-S, the new processors are backward compatible with some 400 series chipsets. But you’ll have to look to the new 500 series if you’re designing a new PC. The chipsets Z590, H570, B560 or H510 were already presented at the beginning of the year. MSI, Asus, Gigabyte… have already marketed many references of motherboards.

Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU Availability

It will be possible to pre-order Intel processors from March 16 without knowing what their performance will be. Indeed, the date of lifting of the embargo on the tests is for March 30.

Intel’s technical choices will certainly allow it to produce a lot of CPUs, which is an asset in 2021. Indeed, the availability of AMD processors has been very complicated for several weeks, Intel can take advantage of this to recover some lost market share. lately.

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