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prices, offers, catalog of series and films … all you need to know about the streaming service

Disney + is the streaming service competing with Netflix developed by Disney. There are Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars series and films there, etc. To know everything about this SVoD service, here is a recap before you register.

Launched in November 2019 in the United States, then in April 2020 in France, Disney + reached 100 million paying subscribers in record time. With its huge catalog of franchises, it is undoubtedly the competitor capable of overshadowing Netflix among video streaming services.

Offers, prices, catalog, interface… We take stock of the SVoD service, target family when it started, but which has also reached a milestone with the arrival of Star in its program.

What is Disney +?

It is a subscription video streaming service developed by the Walt Disney Company. It now includes six universes with spaces dedicated to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and now Star films and series. In total, more than 10,000 hours of programs are available (films, series, shows, documentaries, short films, etc.), from the catalogs of the entertainment giant, but also from Fox and its entities, studios of the group (Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios, 20th Television, Touchstone…).

What films and series are in the Disney + catalog?

Disney + offers a large number of films and series from these different catalogs, but also original content designed directly for the platform through its six universes. The bulk of the Disney + service initially focused on “family” content for all audiences, symbolized by the heroines of the Disney universe and world famous films. But it has since been enriched with Star, a space with “more adult” content, with unseen films and series, Oscar-winning films or films with worldwide success.

National Geographic lists documentaries of all kinds. The Pixar space brings together all of the famous studio’s animated films and short films, while Marvel and all its superheroes as well as Star Wars are spaces offering content around franchises (films, series, documentaries, etc.). Something to delight the fans.

Among the platform-exclusive content that made the platform famous, we find Star Wars the Mandalorian, The Cloth of Heroes or the recent one WandaVision, taken from the Marvel universe and which recently boosted the rating of Disney +. But also the films Mulan and Soul which were released directly on the platform, or the adaptation of The Lady and the Tramp.

As of March 19, the platform welcomes other superheroes with the original series Falcon and the Winter Soldier with Sebastian Stan (James Barnes / The White Wolf) and Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson / The Falcon) as the new Marvel characters. Throughout the six episodes, they’re going to have to take over from Captain America and work through their differences, in a story that unfolds after Avengers : Endgame. A series that does not betray the MCU spirit and uses the same codes: action, fighting and humor. As with all the original Disney + series, it will be necessary to be satisfied with one episode per week, just to increase the enthusiasm around the program. A tactic that goes against the binge-watching instituted by Netflix.

Lien YouTubeSubscribe to Frandroid

Disney also announced that more content is in production, especially in Star Wars universes and Marvel. Contents made in France, specially designed in France, are also announced. They will be added to the many French productions that were recently added to the streaming service’s catalog (Jappeloup, The Artist, I promise you, Do not do this, Do not do that …). It should also be noted that the catalogs are different depending on the country. France is particularly strict on the chronology of the media and some content available in other countries may arrive much later with us for this reason.

Is Star Only For Adults?

No. The new world of Disney + distances itself from princesses, Pixar animated films and sweet family films, but don’t imagine finding censored content there. These are above all films and series intended for more mature audiences (+16 or +18), but which remain programs that can be broadcast on major national channels.

There are notably famous series (Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, Buffy, Desperate Housewives, Lost…), Oscar-winning films (Titanic, 3 Bilboards, Black Swan…), popular successes (Crystal trap, Alien, Moulin Rouge, Pretty Woman …), but also sports documentaries from ESPN or historical programs.

Is Disney + content in 4K?

Unlike Netflix, which charges for 4K in its most expensive subscription, Disney + offers movies and series in 4K directly in its basic subscription. With Disney + it is therefore possible to take advantage of the “ultra high definition on a selection of content “. This high definition was not available at the launch of the service due to confinement restrictions at the start of 2020, but this constraint was subsequently lifted. Compatible devices can also enjoy Dolby Atmos sound.

It’s important to note that on Android Disney + still requires a Widevine L1 certified device to play content. Also, some smartphones for example simply do not have access to videos. This is a more restrictive policy than with competitors like Netflix, which still broadcast their content in 480p on these devices.

How does the service work?

It is possible to connect to the platform from a large number of media. A Disney + account can contain 10 different profiles and broadcast on 4 different screens simultaneously. It is possible to create accounts for children, adolescents or adults, and to limit access for the youngest using a PIN code as well as reinforced parental controls. This is especially necessary for the new Star space which notably includes more mature programs, reserved for over 18s.

Disney + also offers group viewing (up to 7) with its GroupWatch function which allows several people to trigger the same program, without being in the same place. You can then watch it at the same pace, pausing for everyone or fast forward / rewind.

How to watch Disney + in France?

Like the competitors, Disney + is accessible from many devices including:

Unlike Netflix, which limits the downloading of movies and series, all content from Disney + can be downloaded to mobile devices for offline viewing. Remember that in the case of Netflix, it is possible to download episodes on mobiles and Windows, but not on macOS.

How much does Disney + cost?

With the arrival of Star, Disney + has revised its prices upwards. The monthly subscription is now 8.99 euros and 89.90 euros for the year. Until August 22, it is still possible for old subscribers to continue paying 6.99 euros (the annual subscription to 69.99 euros will only increase at the end of August if it is in progress). Everything is without engagement.

For that price, the service does not include any advertising, no supplement, compatible content broadcast in 4K and the multiprofile.

You can also find Disney + offers through Canal subscriptions. Several offers are available,

  • A Disney Limited Series pack at 24.99 euros per month for 12 months (instead of 30.99 euros per month) with Disney + and the Disney Junior and Disney Chanel channels;
  • A Family + pack at 25.99 euros / month for 24 months (instead of 35.99 euros / month) with Disney + and the Disney Junior and Disney Chanel channels as well as other channels;
  • A Cine Series + pack at 35.99 euros / month for 24 months (instead of 50.90 euros / month) with Disney +, Netflix (2 screens), OCS, Cine +, other Ciné & Series channels;
  • A Canal + + pack at 30.99 euros / month for 24 months (instead of 35.99 euros / month) with all Canal + and Disney + channels;
  • An Integral + pack at 89.90 euros per month for 24 months (instead of 99.90 euros / month) including everything.

We recommend the pack Cine Series+ which integrates OCS, Canal +, Disney + and Netflix. This offer is the best value for money. In addition, it is a subscription without obligation. All these packages will be available on the Canal + website.

Our opinion on Disney +

Clearly, it is certainly the strongest competitor to Netflix’s hegemony, whether for its price, its catalog or its features (you can even download content and continue to read it even after its removal from the platform). .

Disney is nevertheless betting a lot for the moment on its back catalog. After a start with very family content, the platform did not rely on its achievements and has boosted its programs with many original series, but also unpublished films. Series like The Mandalorian or WandaVisionhave done a lot for the popularity of a quality service, with a very broad spectrum, which now knows how to appeal to young and old with a plethora of offers. And it’s not about to stop, the famous mouse promised.

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