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premium headphones for audiophiles


Philips presents wireless headphones that promise everything you would expect from premium headphones: good finishes, decent battery life and of course, active and passive noise reduction.

Les Philips Fidelio T1

The Philips Fidelio T1. // Gamesdone: Philips

Philips is trying to raise its level of play when it comes to True Wireless headphones, offering headphones that promise a Premium experience.

As for its already, the Dutch manufacturer promises ” a son signature Fidelio “, which promises to meet the expectations of audiophiles, all with “Bass and precise”, as well as “Warm and natural mediums” according to the manufacturer.

The headphones are fitted with six microphones (three each), two of which are intended for active noise reduction. This should be reinforced by passive insulation, permitted by the“The presence of silicone and foam tips”.

Brushed metal finishes

On the design side, Philips seems to offer very beautiful finishes. We can mention in particular the presence of black or silver brushed metal on the headphones or the leather insert available in black or beige. They are theoretically resistant to water, without further clarification on a possible certification.

Les Philips Fidelio T1

The Philips Fidelio T1. // Gamesdone: Philips

The headphones provide touch controls for playing, browsing, and pausing audio tracks. Note also the presence of a sensor that suspends playback of the tracks when one of the two is removed. The Dutch manufacturer promises that connecting headphones is made easier on Android devices.

Autonomy of nearly 10 hours

The autonomy promised by Philips is one that aims to impress. Indeed, the brand promises 9 hours of continuous use with active noise reduction activated, and 25 hours of use with the charging case. With noise canceling turned off, the headphones could fetch 13 hours of use.

Les Philips Fidelio T1

The Philips Fidelio T1. // Gamesdone: Philips

Fully charging the case should take two hours, and the brand assures that 15 minutes of charging should allow a full hour of listening.

A high-end product price

The Philips Fidelio T1 will be available from the 4th quarter at a price of 299 euros.


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