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pre-orders bonus, design, Samsung and SFR confirm everything in advance

Evan Blass, Roland Quandt, SFR and even Samsung directly. The latest information on the Galaxy S21 rains before the presentation.

After several months of rumors, it is today that Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy S21 range. We already know almost everything about these smartphones thanks to the countless leaks. But can we still speak of leaks when the German site of Samsung publishes everything in advance, or that SFR confirms the pre-order offer several hours before the event?

Samsung Germany reveals everything in advance

Samsung Germany’s dedicated press site simply published the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G presentation press release on January 13, 24 hours before the official conference. The page has since been deleted, and even Google’s cache has been cleared, but not before we can get screenshots of the page in question.

In a very long article, Samsung Germany confirms everything we already know about the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: design obviously, but also the characteristics, the new functions, the compatibility with the S Pen or the selling price in Germany. from 1249 to 1429 euros depending on the configurations. The screenshot is unfortunately difficult to read, especially if you don’t speak German, but luckily Evan Blass is there.

This is the official Galaxy S21 website

After gradually unveiling more and more information about the Galaxy S21, Evan Blass (also known as evleaks) has simply posted screenshots of the official page that Samsung has prepared for the Galaxy S21. You can read in English, all the marketing speech and the best images prepared by the brand for your smartphone. We see a first confirmation of the pre-order offer from Samsung, we will come back to it, arguments on its new photo module or on the integration of an Exynos 2100 SoC.

In the screenshot, we can even see Samsung’s very official comparison between the three Galaxy S21 models.

SFR is already advertising the pre-order offer

And since after all there does not seem to be much to discover, SFR launched this morning the Galaxy S21 advertising campaign on social networks, as Valentin Tavernier tells us on Twitter. The opportunity to have yet another confirmation of the design, but also of this famous pre-order offer which will allow you to have a “Galaxy SmartTag” offered, as well as a pair of true wireless headphones.

Those who turn to the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will be entitled to the Galaxy Buds Pro, while the others will instead have the Galaxy Buds Live.

Et l’Unpacked ?

So what remains to be discovered at the Samsung conference? The presentation videos that the manufacturer will broadcast during his conference? Well no, since here too Evan Blass publishes in advance several videos extracted directly from what will be broadcast during the Unpacked. In particular, the “Galaxy Unpacked B Roll A” video provides an overview of everything to discover during the event.

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The worst part is that you ultimately don’t learn much more than what has already been leaked over the past few weeks.

Ironically enough, to avoid leaks, Samsung signed rather restrictive embargoes to the press. What can we have escaped?

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