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PP Garcia tells you everything you need to know in video

Video projectors are always becoming a little more popular with those who wish to enrich their experience of watching films and series or to personalize their gaming session. But how do you choose the right video projector? What do you need to know before you crack? Journalist PP Garcia comes to the rescue in a new episode of our ASK show on YouTube.

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PP Garcia tells you everything you need to know about video projectors // Gamesdone: Frandroid

To get the most out of your series, movies and video games, there are a plethora of televisions. However, some may also be interested in video projectors to display this content in large on the living room wall. But, here it is, these devices are based on various technologies and are available in several price segments, from entry-level to more premium models.

To see more clearly in this mishmash of references, we invite you to watch the new episode of our ASK show presented by Arnaud Gelineau from Frandroid with, as a guest, the indefatigable PP Garcia, specialist journalist and renowned for its excellent PP World channel. The video is available just below, you just have to press the play button.

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One subject, full of questions

The spirited duo review the important technologies to remember in the world of video projectors and the criteria to remember before buying one. PP Garcia gives you in particular all its tips to make the most informed choice.

What features can you expect on an expensive projector? Can this replace a TV? Is it practical for gaming? Should we be concerned about fan noise? The theme leads to a slew of questions and we address many of them in the video.

Remember that PP Garcia is not his first intervention on ASK. He has already been able to share with you, among other things, his opinion on folding smartphones or his valuable advice on televisions.

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