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Powerful, the Apple M1 beats the latest single-core desktop Core i7

Several months after its introduction on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 and on the Mac mini, the Apple M1 chip continues to impress and drive the competition to hell. We now learn that it is capable of outclassing the very recent Intel Core i7-11700K from Intel in single-core computing by a short lead.

Once again the Apple M1 SoC makes a strong impression against the x86 competition from Intel and AMD ...

Once again, the Apple M1 SoC makes a strong impression against the x86 competition from Intel and AMD… // Gamesdone: Apple

Apple’s M1 chip’s ARM cores are slightly faster on the benchmark PassMark than the new x86 “Cypress Cove” cores of the all new Intel Core i7-11700K (Rocket Lake-S). The news comes when Intel’s new processor did not particularly take pride in the early independent testers. We learn from the specialized site VideoCardz that the Apple M1 thus takes a small lead over its rival in computing single-core on PassMark, to stay a few cables behind the Core i9-11900K.

In single-thread, however, Intel is not the only one to be left behind by Apple’s M1 chip: AMD and its new Ryzen 5000 are also two steps behind. A finding all the more impressive in terms of consumption, the Apple M1 does not play in the same court as its desktop competitors: 15 W by default for the Apple processor, against 125 W for the Core i7- 11700K and 105W for the Ryzen 7 5800X. A difference in TDP justified by the performance of Intel and AMD CPUs in multi-core.

Apple still far behind in multi-core, but for how long?

If the Cupertino giant’s small SoC ARM defends itself admirably well in single-core compared to the x86 desktop processors from Intel and AMD, it does not have a shadow of a chance against them in computing multi-core.

And for good reason, Apple’s chip is content with four high-performance cores ” Firestorm “And four hearts”Icestorm »Designed for energy saving. This total of eight cores adopts an architecture similar to the big.LITTLE concept of ARM (now replaced by the ARM DynamicIQ) or to the hybrid architecture “ Lakefield From Intel. Only here, unlike the competition, Apple can not yet count on the hyperthreadingto maximize the performance of its M1 SoC by multi-core.

However, this observation could change in the coming months with a possible Apple M1X chip, expected for desktop Macs, and why not the new iMac models.

Source : PassMark via VideoCardz

Gamesdone : PassMark via VideoCardz

Finally, it should be noted that while the Apple M1 is currently a little ahead of the Core i7-11700K under PassMark, insingle-core, Intel’s CPU could gain the upper hand slightly with future updates for Intel’s 400 and 500 series motherboards. In any case, the two chips will likely remain equivalent to a few points in computation.single-core… Which is already a great victory for Apple.

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