Sunday, October 25

Play FIFA 21 now without waiting for the launch to try all its news and game modes

The countdown to the “early access” of FIFA 21 is about to end. If you’re wondering how and when you can access FIFA 21 to play before launch, look no further – you’ve come to the right place. The early access of FIFA 21 started yesterday, but to access it you only have to fulfill one requirement: be a member of EA Play and have an active subscription. The service, which will become part of Xbox Game Pass very soon, will allow you to access a game test for a total of 10 hours. It may seem like little, but that “early access” of FIFA 21 will allow you to try all the game modes, try the new control mechanics such as the new dribbling system or the new celebrations. Therefore, if you wonder how to play FIFA 21 before, do not keep looking, we will tell you here … As we have anticipated, you should only be subscribed to EA Play. Currently there are two options to subscribe: the monthly fee, which costs 3.99 euros per month, or the annual one (which costs 24.99 euros for a year). It doesn’t hurt that you can only play the final version of FIFA 21 for 10 hours, and everything you do will be saved for when you have the full game (in addition to saving 10% when you buy FIFA Points). When can I play FIFA 21 first? When does FIFA 21 early access start? FIFA 21 Early Access is now available from 5:00 PM yesterday. As long as you are subscribed to EA Play, we insist. What other options to play before FIFA 21 are there? Apart from the 10 hours of the advance test of FIFA 21 through EA Play, you can start playing three days before, on October 6, with any of the two special editions of the game, the so-called FIFA 21 Champions Edition (79 , 99 euros) or FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition (99.99 euros). Here’s what’s in each FIFA 21 Champions Edition 3-Day Early Access Up to 12 Unique Gold Packs (1 per week for 12 weeks) Item on loan from the cover star for 5 FUT matches Career mode local talent – Young Local promise with world-class potential FUT Ambassador Player Choice – Choose 1 of 3 Player Items for 3 FUT Games Special Editions of FUT Kits and Stadium Items. FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition Early Access to FIFA 21 three days prior Up to 24 FUT Unique Gold Packs (1 per week for 24 weeks) Cover Star Loan Item (for 5 FUT matches) Career Mode Local Talent (Young local promise with World Class potential) FUT Ambassador Player Pick (choose 1 of 3 player items for 3 FUT matches) Special editions of FUT kits and stadium items These are all possible ways to play FIFA earlier 21. If you are not considering buying either of the two special editions, or accessing the trial on EA Play (either on PS4, Xbox One or PC), you will have to wait until October 9, which is when the game launches officially. Finally, remember that the FIFA 21 web app is now available, and that we have also given you our impressions of FIFA 21, and its Career and Kick Off modes. And so that you can warm up your engines, you can use the FIFA 21 guides that we have already published, such as …

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