Saturday, March 6

Philips launches bone conduction headphones, true wireless and Bluetooth headphones … all for sports

Philips announced this Wednesday its new range of headphones and earphones dedicated to sports, Philips Go Sports

Philips A7306 headphones

Philips A7306 headphones // Gamesdone: Philips

While the virtual CES edition ended two weeks ago, Philips was still expected for its announcements scheduled for 2021. In addition to its televisions, the Dutch manufacturer has also focused on the audio part. Around ten new headphones and earphones have been announced by Philips for this year. However, the main novelty concerns a new range in its own right, dedicated to sport: Philips Go Sports headphones and earphones.

In this area, the manufacturer has announced less than seven headsets and earphones of all kinds, ranging from headband headphones to true wireless headphones, including ear-loop or bone conduction headphones.

The Philips Go Sports range begins with the A3206 headphones, open-fit Bluetooth headphones, but with a cable that connects the two headphones. The Philips A3206 offers IP57 certified waterproofing as well as 10 hours of battery life.

Philips A4216 headphones

The Philips A4216 headphones // Gamesdone: Philips

is a rather classic Bluetooth headset. However, here too Philips has thought of sports use, by integrating cooling gel in the removable pads. Note also that the helmet is IP55 certified – it is therefore resistant to perspiration – and that it benefits from 35 hours of battery life and 40 mm transducers.

Philips A6606 bone conduction headphones

Philips A6606 bone conduction headphones // Gamesdone: Philips

This time the Philips A6606 headphones are bone conduction headphones. That is to say, they come to rest in front of the ear so as not to obstruct the ear canal. A feature that can come in handy for runners or cyclists outdoors to stay aware of the environment. A configurable LED is also integrated to remain visible to vehicles, even in the dark. For these A6606, Philips announces an autonomy of 9 hours and an IP67 certification.

The Philips A7306, headphones with heart rate monitoring

Finally, the most premium models in this Philips Go Sports range are the Philips A7306. These are true wireless headphones. This time they benefit from an autonomy of 6 hours, which can increase to 24 hours with the charging case. The case also incorporates ultraviolet LEDs to eliminate bacteria, such as the LG Tone Free FN6. The headphones are also IP57 certified and incorporate a heart rate sensor and transparent mode. In addition, it is possible to modify their format with the integration of removable tips: with or without wings and even the possibility of transforming them into an ear loop. Finally, they integrate a heart rate sensor to measure your training performance.

The different tips of the Philips A7306

The different tips of the Philips A7306 // Gamesdone: Philips

For now, Philips has not communicated on the prices of its headphones and earphones. However, all will be launched during the month of April.

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