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Philips Hue would like to light your garden even better with its Wave Linear

Philips Hue is expected to introduce a new connected lighting accessory in spring 2021: Wave Linear would be suitable for large outdoor areas.

Philips Hue is today the big benchmark in smart lighting. From bulbs to lights to connected lamps, the Dutch company behind this ecosystem has managed to establish itself as a must-have, even if several well-known brands are also looking to grab a piece of the pie – Lidl has for example presented its own solution.

A luminous “linear wave”

It is not, however, a question of resting on one’s laurels. The Philips Hue catalog is expected to welcome a new product launched from spring 2021, according to the site Hueblog, relayed by 9to5Mac. Her name ? Wave Linear, which we would literally translate as “Linear Wave”. The idea here is to illuminate large outdoor surfaces, such as a long driveway or a relatively imposing wall.

This is what the Philips Hue Wave Linear should look like

This is what the Philips Hue Wave Linear should look like // Gamesdone: Hueblog

Always according to Hueblog, Wave Linear would benefit from a power of 20 watts and the White and Colors function. In other words, users will be able to have fun with sixteen million colors, as the brand promises. The product would also measure 80 centimeters wide, 5 centimeters high and just under 7 centimeters deep. It is also compared to a LilyXL.

A restyled switch on the way

Another novelty is expected for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 which will be held virtually next January. Philips Hue should update the design of its switch: it is used in particular to manage atmospheres, and should no longer have four buttons, but three. The two buttons initially designed to vary the light intensity will merge to standardize everything.

The Philips Hue dimmer for its connected bulbs

The Philips Hue dimmer for its connected bulbs // Gamesdone: Hueblog

The device would finally sport a matte plastic to make its overall appearance slightly more attractive, all with now more rounded corners. The release of this new wireless switch would take place in early 2021.

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