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Phil Spencer announces a bright ‘horizon’ for Xbox


Phil Spencer took stock of the past year with the arrival of new Xbox consoles and the deployment of cloud gaming. If 2020 was “a very good year”, 2021 promises to be “incredible”, according to the boss of Xbox who even teases 10-year projects for his firm.

Phil Spencer, Xbox boss

Phil Spencer, Xbox boss

To end a good year with the release of two consoles, Phil Spencer was invited to Major Nelson’s podcast to take stock of 2020 for Xbox. ” It was a very good year», Proclaims the boss of the gaming branch of Microsoft.

Everything possible against shortages

He acknowledges that one of the things he would have liked to improve was the delivery of more Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles to gamers. ” We launched the consoles at the end of the year and we would have liked to have had more. All the stocks went quickly ” , he regrets. “Many people ask me: ‘Why haven’t you produced more? Why didn’t you do it sooner? Or ship earlier? ‘ I’ll be honest: it was just a matter of physics and engineering “, Summarizes Phil Spencer, recalling the difficulties of production during the pandemic.

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He insists that the consoles are made “as fast as possible To be shipped to as many people as possible and that all production lines are currently in operation. All the partners are also on a war footing, but this is not enough to meet all the demands and shortages are still to be feared. Xbox has already communicated that we should not expect to have sufficient stock before spring 2021.

2020, an “important year”

After having mentioned 2020 as a year “importantPhil Spencer looks to the future. And, according to the boss of Xbox, he will be even more radiant. “2021 is going to be an amazing year“, He promises, both for the expected games and for the services that will be deployed or strengthened. At the top of the list, we obviously find the Xbox Game Pass, house pride brought to deploy on even more media.

The Xbox Game Pass offer on console, PC and mobile

The Xbox Game Pass offer on console, PC and mobile // Gamesdone: Microsoft

Having already declared that he was against the “console war “,Xbox intends to accelerate on another strategy: to extend the field of action of its ecosystem and this notably involves the Game Pass. Already available on console and PC, the subscription game service also includes in its Ultimate version access to cloud gaming and therefore to the game from an Android smartphone or tablet initially. But within a few months, it should also arrive on iOS and PC. In the meantime, iPhone and iPad users are already getting a taste of it with the streaming console available through the Xbox app.

10-year projects

But Phil Spencer sees even further and announces projects over several years under the name« Horizon0 » (2021), « Horizon 1 »(2022-2023) and “Horizon 2“(2023-2030). Without giving further details, he explains that Xbox is working on multiple projects that“Will not all see the light of day“. But he is “incredibly excited“By some ideas that will be unveiled in a year or two and which would be, he suggests, as surprising as the announcements of backward compatibility, Xbox Game Pass or xCloud were at the time .

La Xbox Series S et X

La Xbox Series S et X // Gamesdone : Microsoft

It is not known whether it will be hardware, service enhancements, or software. But Xbox would have in stock innovations for its consoles as well as a means of deporting its environment on televisions via an HDMI key which would make it possible to do without a console.

« Our role is also to experiment with things that can potentially change the game, while being technological and risky. It’s an incredibly exciting time for the teams», He enthuses. What teaser a bright future for the company which will also count on its 23 studios soon ready to deliver their production very quickly. He does not hide that the official addition of ZeniMax and in particular Bethesda to the Xbox catalog will push the American giant into another dimension of gaming.

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