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phew, the shell is not necessary to save battery

Apple has further specified the AirPods Max’s power saving system. Finally, its shell is not essential to put the headset on standby.

AirPods Max in its protective case

AirPods Max in its protective case // Gamesdone: Apple

Last week, Apple presented its first Bluetooth headset under its own brand: the AirPods Max. Positioned on a high-end price bracket, this audio device has especially marked the spirits by its much criticized protective cover, announced first of all as essential for the energy saving of the headphones. Fortunately, it is not.

AirPods Max power saving

The AirPods Max does not have an ON / OFF button. Just like the Apple brand wireless headphones, it goes to sleep automatically when stored in its protective case. If this is not a problem for AirPods with their shell that fits in the pocket, it looked like a design problem for a headset that is regularly kept around his neck or placed on a desk without storing it between each use. .

Apple nevertheless quickly responded to this criticism by detailing the AirPods Max’s power saving system. On the wireless headset support page, we can read that once stored in its “Smart Case», The headset automatically switches to energy saving mode, but also returns to this mode if it is put down and left stationary for 5 minutes.

Understand by this that the power saving mode of the AirPods Max is dependent on the accelerometers it embeds, but that it will no longer consume battery when it is placed on a desk for just a few minutes. Good news for all users who were afraid that active noise reduction could drain the advertised 20 hours of battery life too quickly.

Deep sleep mode

Besides, in addition to its traditional power saving mode, the AirPods Max can also go into a deeper sleep. If it is left 72 hours without moving, or 18 hours in its protective case, the AirPods Max then activates this mode which completely turns off Bluetooth and the Find My function in order to maximize the life of the headphones. Note, however, that you will no longer be able to find your headset using the Find My tool. Apple does not specify whether this feature becomes operational again in the event that the headset starts up again without being turned back on.

As a reminder, the AirPods Max displays an announced autonomy of 20 hours with active noise reduction and spatialized audio. In addition, 5 minutes of charging can recover the equivalent of an hour and a half of battery.

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