Thursday, January 28

Pete Lau confirms release in early 2021

After the confirmation that the OnePlus Watch would run on Wear OS, we now have a first idea of ​​the watch’s release.

We especially know OnePlus for its smartphones, but the brand has been looking for several years to diversify its activities with televisions in Asia, True Wireless headphones, and soon its first connected watch. The project was formalized during the presentation of the OnePlus 8T last October, and we recently know that the watch will run under a version of Wear OS developed by Google and OnePlus.

The project seems to be progressing very well since we now have an idea of ​​its launch date.

” At the beginning of the year “

On Twitter, OnePlus boss Pete Lau wanted to make a little comment about the OnePlus Watch project. The message is particularly explicit “many of you said you want a watch and as you may have heard over the weekend we are making one, which will be released early next year ».

The OnePlus Watch should therefore very officially be released at the beginning of 2021. After having formalized the existence of the project during the conference dedicated to the OnePlus 8T, we can wonder if the presentation of this OnePlus Watch would not be scheduled for the OnePlus 9 conference. The new flagship of OnePlus is expected in March 2021, which still corresponds to the “beginning of the year”.

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