Thursday, October 29

PayPal will charge a 12 euro inactivity fee if you don’t use your account for a year

PayPal has announced that it will charge 12 euros if you do not use your PayPal account for a year. What is not clear is what degree will be applied to Spain. If you have a PayPal account today you should have received an email informing you that the legal conditions of the service have changed. It is quite likely that you have not opened it, or you have discarded it because the email does not say anything that we are going to talk about here, and it even invites you to forget it: “For now you do not need to do anything, but if you want more information , click on … “. If you have not entered this link, you will have missed important information, such as that Pay Pal will charge a fee of 12 euros for inactivity. It will take that money from your account, and if you don’t have it, it will keep whatever there is … It is not clear if this rate will apply in Spain, because some websites say that it will not be applied here for the moment, and others that only Business accounts (business), not personal. But in the conditions of the contract updated today of PayPal Spain, the fee is mentioned: As we can see, it says: “If your PayPal account is inactive for 12 consecutive months, we may charge you an annual inactivity fee.” A little further down the contract it is indicated that the PayPal inactivity fee is 12 euros or whatever is left in your account, if it is less than that amount. They will not charge from the bank card or checking account, only from the balance left in PayPal. This fee will apply if you go a year in a row without logging in. Therefore, it is enough to log in once a year to avoid the fee, it is not necessary to pay or receive money. PayPal the most used system in second-hand purchases, eBay, etc. In this type of transaction, possible scams are more frequent, so we are going to explain how to ask PayPal to return your money if you have been scammed. In the contract they do not make the charge clear, they only say “we may charge you”. But just in case, especially if you have a Business account, remember to log in at least once a year. If you want to read the entire new contract, which also shows new fees to sellers when there is a dispute, take a look at the PDF contract.

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