Monday, March 8

paying in bitcoin will soon be possible

Recently available on Apple Pay, the payment provider BitPay’s card will soon be compatible with Google Pay and Samsung Pay. It will then be possible to make transactions in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the smartphone.

Although very volatile, bitcoin is the envy of many as its price has risen sharply in recent weeks. However, the mobile payment platforms Google Pay and Samsung Pay could well benefit in turn.

Indeed, BitPay, the payment service provider specializing in cryptocurrencies, says its service will become compatible with Google Pay and Samsung Pay by the end of the quarter. It will indeed be possible to register the BitPay Card on its digital wallets and then use it for smartphone transactions.

In other words, it will be possible to pay in bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in this way in store. The BitPay Card has also been working with Apple Pay recently.

For everyday shopping

« The addition of Apple Pay and soon Google and Samsung Pay allows the BitPay Card to be used in more places, for everyday items or luxury purchases“, Welcomes Stephen Pair, the boss of BitPay.

Speaking of luxury purchases, also know that it will also soon be possible to get a Tesla with bitcoins.

It remains to be seen when exactly all users around the world will be eligible for it.

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Google Pay

Google Pay

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