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Don’t Touch The Spikes is a very simple arcade game that, It offers don’t touch the spikes birds,???

Transformers Forged to Fight The Play


In case you need to get my attention, all you need is to talk about videos games. Having covered quite a number of games on this site, I believe I can top it with a Transformers Forged To Fight review.

The Transformers has become a popular fantasy. If I can recall, it all started as a cartoon to sell toys. Many developers came with different transformers website through which they would sell the toys.

Transformers Forged To Fight

However, with the advancements in technology, there has been the emergence of Transformers free games online for free. The latest transformer battle game is theTransformers Forged To Fight, which is a mobile fighting game.

So, what is it all about the Transformers Forged To Fight?

So, the Transformers Forged To Fight is a group of Transformers forged to fight each other Into bits. The storyline is kind of interesting and amusing! While a group of Autobots and Earth Defense are on their way to the world of Cybertron, they crush in a new planet.

It’s a thrilling game packed with adventurous actions aimed at saving the earth from the evil Megatron and his new weapon. They must fight for their lives, not only from the Decepticons but also some friends who turn against them.

And in case you haven’t noticed, the transformer fight app is out for both the and iOS. To download the game today, visit and find more requirements.


Prospects of the Transformers Forged To Fight

If you love trying new fight games, I guarantee you won’t resist the addiction that comes with the Transformers Forged To Fight. The first time I did set my mind to play this game, I could hold up the excitement though I thought It might end up disappointing.

However, when the game began, I was to play a tutorial of the battle. That’s not all! I was later introduced to the mechanics of the game and even learned about the gameplay as I went deeper into the transformer forge to fight.

In case you have ever enjoyed Kabam’s Marvel’s Contest of Champions, then this going to be a great experience. To start the Transformers game play, you should pick a squad of different bots in different classes and then you pick a mission.

Transformers Forged To Fight

The uniqueness of the Transformer forged game

We are no longer in the era of 2D street fight games, but rather, the Transformers: Forged to Fight is a 3D game giving it a logical step forward. If you have already played Tekken, then you know what to expect! However, this game has no direction pad.

I did find that so odd but the thirst to knock out some bots made me quickly adapt to the movement easily. The movement elements are so simple: Swiping, tapping and screen actions- even a kid below the age of 12 would easily understand.

Like any other game fights, transformers game 3d require speed for bot attack combinations. This is the main core as well as make sure you are using the blocks and dodges Transformers attacks.

Game play of Transformers Forged To Fight

Transformers: Forged to Fight is an exciting and action involving game- one of transformers RPG games I recommend to play. However, each of the bots has a different set of skills and to upgrade the character; you have to pick a mission and fight to the end.

I guess you know that this means you actually to play the game and make your character strong. You can also spend money to buy new characters.

However, I guarantee you that they will start very weak. Apart from enjoying the fight, you will have the role to act as a leader. You will be the prime and defend your territories from invasion by others bots.


Transformers Forged To Fight Character List

I find Kabam very creative, and they have a way of incorporating fun into the game. The idea of pulling characters from different transformers online free games is such an excellent idea. In other words, hot bots from various realities have been brought together- I really enjoyed playing the game.

Transformers Forged To Fight

The Autobots we have; Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Sideswipes, Mirage, Windblade, Arcee, prowl, transformer Grimlock, Ultra Magnus, Movie Optimus Prime, Dark of the Moon Bumblebee, and Revenge of the Fallen Ironhide.

The Deceptions are Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Thundercracker, Revenge of the Fallen Bonecrusher among others (this list is not enough to explain all the character feature in the game-find more details on

Am I allowed to Create a transformer in Transformers Forged To Fight?

Most of the transformer games online allow you to create a transformer quick with a click of a mouse. It’s a fun experience as you can select between different parts, changing your robots head, body, arms and even the legs.


After you are done playing and customizing the parts of your character, you can also paint the pieces using your choice colors.

After you have successfully created a bot, you can either choose to fight as an Autobot or Decepticon. Use the Transformers create a bot option and come up with a character of your choice!

Availability of Transformers Forged To Fight

The game is one of the free online transformer game. The game was developed by Kabam, and in case you experience any issues with the game, you should contact the Kabam support, and they will instruct you on how to go about it.

The company is known to develop and publish massive games including the Marvel’s: Contest of Champions.

In case you would prefer to have the game on your mobile, visit the Apple App Store for Transformers iOS game or Google Play if you have an android and bring the fan to your mobile.

What about the Transformers Forged To Fight sound

While playing the game, you can tell that the game developers were so keen to even the small details. Everything was such on point. From the 3D actions and movement, up to the sound effects.

For example, I used to watch the transformer series, and I would love the sound they would make as they transform.

The bots, on the other hand, has an entirely different sound pleasing to the ears. Having played several action game, I find fascinating if the background sound track is entertaining.

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Final words on Transformers Forged To Fight

If you really enjoy watching Transformers, then you really need this game. In case you are looking for a fun mobile fighting game, then you have come to the right place.

You have the chance to earn enough currency to keep upgrading your fighter, maintaining the bot at its top form. Transformers: Forged to Fight is a fun game while it last, and I recommend you give it a try.


The Legend Of Zelda Games

The Legend Of Zelda Games

The Legend Of Zelda Games series has been around for so long. It is filled with endless action for its players. ???

Splatoon 2 How To Play | Splatoon 2 Walkthrough

splatoon 2 how to play

The ink game action is back better and fresher than ever! Splatoon 2 is a game that is an easy game to love. It is a colorful game that brings in the blast when playing. Once again, the user plays the game as a squid human equipped with an ink gun. The Splatoon 2 has several minor improvements that flourish throughout the game making the player more addicted to the action in the field. The improvements are evident throughout the campaign. Splatoon 2 How To Play: tricks can be tough to understand, but I got you covered.

I have created a guide that will help you find your way anywhere in the Inkopolis. Whether is your first time playing the best battle game online or you have played the previous version, I have a breakdown the game to help you squash the Splatoon guns in style.

What so amazing about the Splatoon 2 How To Play

Though there some modifications with the game features, in some way you will find that the game tries to assume that you have never laid hands on the first Splatoon. In the beginning, you’re dropped at the beautiful hub center Inkopolis, and they run you a series of tutorials. However, the best way to move from one point to the other is in squid form. The levels in the Splatoon 2 have been made short, and the objectives are to the point making it easy for a newcomer to understand.

splatoon 2 how to play

Are you handling the ink gun for the first time in Splatoon 2 How To Play?

So if you are a novice who just made his first entrance, then just relax and read through the guide gear. There are so many features that will amuse you in the Splatoon 2 battle game. The game is fast amusing and fun, and to the newcomers, it can be more way confusing. Though you may be advised to use the tutorials and learn how basics of the game play, I recommend you to note 4 tips and tricks that will come in handy while getting started with Splatoon 2.

Start single player Splatoon 2 Campaign

If you are a beginner, you will be introduced to the game in the Inkopolis square. This is the hub station of the game. Also, in this introduction, you will find a guide gear that will familiarize you with every building, mechanics and even provide guides on how to fly, or even move.

Get to level 4 as quick as possible

While you get on with the game, make sure you reach level 4 before doing anything. Please have in mind that all the Splatoon features are locked until the character gets to level 4. You can neither play the Salmon run mode. Though the tutorial will let you start the game as a hero mode, it will be a lot easier if you get to level 4. To get started, jump into some regular battles and it will take about half an hour to reach level 4.

Always Test weapons before buying them

Once you buy a Splatoon gun, you cannot get rid of it. Have in mind that each main weapon or a sub weapon behaves differently and it’s always to make the right choice. So, while you are at the shop at level 4, just press the Y button and test the Splatoon new weapons. Some dummy targets will be displayed to you, and it’s all about you to get the Splatoon ink colors. Just utilize the weapons maximumly and pick the one that fits your playing style.

splatoon 2 how to play

Always be keen on the level of ink in Splatoon 2 How To Play

Though the game may take you by excitement, always keep a close eye to the ink pack to avoid being splattered by your opponent’s quickly. Each character carries a vial of ink on their back. I refilled it by passing through your team ink, so always be keen with your ink.

Let’s talk about the battle grounds in Splatoon 2 How To Play

Upon reaching the ground floor of the Deca Tower, you will find the multiplayer option matches. If by any chance you participate in these battles, you earn points and also win unlocks to weapons and clothes. There are several battles you can fight including regular battles, private battles, league battles and ranked battles. The choice is yours!

Wonderful experiences you don’t want to miss out

Also, each level has hooks that attract the eyes and will keep the campaigns more interesting. Some of them include throwing sponges to soak up your ink, hitting switches and changing to different kind of squids that allow you to move to different places. Luckily, new events, gears, weapons, and stages are altogether guaranteed as free move outs post-dispatch.

splatoon 2 how to play

Splatoon 2 How To Play Sniper blasting the turf wars

I also recommend you try picking new challenge in the squid shooter sequel. Improved features let the Splatoon sniper hold their charges even while squid swimming making the turf war more magical. The shooters are actually making the shots incredibly. Once you try, I guarantee you will leave with that.

Splatoon 2 How To Play gear guide

Going hand in hand with the weaponry upgrades is a gear pack that aids in the combat. The gear provides both style and bonuses such as increased recovery ink rates. Also, you can also track down the last enemy who splatted your end. Gaining a gear is smoother than in the original Splatoon, and you can even get one during the battle games.

How to start a regular food battle the game play online

It’s exciting how you can engage in turf wars with players around the globe. This can happen in teams of four vs. four. While starting the turf war, you are required to selects Splatoon weapon guns, maps that are rotatory after every four hours and then lay your plan. As you battle online, you earn more coins and experience which in turn increases your level and unlocks more gear in the shop.

What are some of the benefits of playing Splatoon 2 How To Play?

The game is exciting and fun and appears gorgeous when played on a switch or even TV screen. The multiplayer level is unique and equipped with more new weapons that make the experience unforgettable. There plenty of Splatoon guns which are fun and take the gaming to a whole new level. It may look like the original Splatoon but until you dive in the game is then you will realize that there is more to please the eyes. I recommend Splatoon 2 if you are the one season 4 matches gamer. Also, I cannot avoid mentioning the fact the game remains the best shooter of the two version.

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The final Verdict Splatoon 2 How To Play

At first look, Splatoon 2 appears to be fundamentally the same as the principal amusement. In any case, all the little changes, and even the greater ones in single player and League Battles make for a new thought on the official one of a kind shooter. If you played a ton of the first, the continuation has enough to hold you are returning, and in case you’re new to the amusement, it’s an excellent place to hop in.