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Our methods to display a virtual fireplace on your TV

Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas than by a cozy fireplace? Here are some solutions to display a fake fireplace on your TV and warm the atmosphere of this end of the year if you do not have a fireplace at home.

How to stay warm during Christmas, with a good fireplace, when you don’t have a fireplace? Just follow these few steps to display a beautiful virtual fireplace on your screen using a Chromecast (or a connected TV). And if your 4K display consumes a little too much power, it will also heat up your living room.

The roaring fire on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

If you have Netflix, you will have the choice between several different fireplace fires. Easy to find, these are the first results if you search for “Fireplace” on the SVOD service.

We recommend you “A fireplace at home: Birch wood version”, a 1 hour 4K UHD version with crackling noises, but let’s not spit on the others, the evening will be long while waiting for Santa Claus, you will have the opportunity to vary the pleasures.

If you are an Amazon Prime Video subscriber, the service offers also its own program.

Chimney fires on YouTube

On YouTube, you are spoiled for choice. There are 4K UHD versions, but also more original versions like the BBC’s for Doctor Who, or Marvel’s version with Captain America’s apartment.

If you prefer a more video game atmosphere, we recommend the special Minecraft version.

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You can also find a “live” version with a background music:

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The sound of fire on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer

If screens are not your preference, know that music streaming services also offer their playlists allowing you to immerse yourself in the Christmas universe, with the soft sound of the crackling of a log in a fireplace.

Here are our recommendations by department:

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