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Travel apps are now the essential accessory for the globetrotter. Whether for a short or long stay, in France or abroad, here is our selection of apps for successful vacations.

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Going on vacation and not sure how to go about it? Why not rely on your smartphone to help you through all stages of your trip? Here is our list of the best travel apps.

The travel manager

The first application to install is an all-in-one travel manager, which will group your plane tickets, your hotel reservations and will suggest activities (museums, restaurants, etc.) depending on the time of day, the weather and your location.

For starters, a good note-taking app will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Do not hesitate to consult our guide devoted to the best applications dedicated to this theme.

When it comes to travel planning, the app that crushes all competition is TripIt. With its automatic addition of information about your trip, it has all the functionalities required for this type of application (plane, hotel, car reservation, etc.). The app also offers directions for your trips and even guides you around the airport looking for a kiosk or a café.

Before leaving, the checklist is essential to be sure not to forget anything. There is PackKing (fairly basic), PackPoint (more settings) or PackTeo, the most complete and original. It allows you to quickly list things to do before leaving. You can create lists from suggestions (suitcase, sea, desert, mountain, abroad, with children, on a hike, etc.), whether for things to remember, your activities requiring special organization or depending on the situation to come.

Find the ticket at the best price

Traveling in europe

To get to your destination, you can take different means of transport. If you are crossing Europe, Omio is the perfect service to compare the plane, train and bus to 35 countries and more to come. The app also offers airport transfers and ferry trips. She then keeps your tickets handy and sends you notifications in the event of a change.

Train tickets

To book a train ticket, there is of course Oui.SNCF, the SNCF travel agency, essential and rather well done. You can book there for the train, the bus, but also carpooling in France and Europe.

We also and especially think of Trainline, which sells the same train tickets at the same prices, but with an interface often cited as a model of ergonomics, all sectors combined.

Take the plane

To go further, the only option is the plane. But it is the most competitive means of transport, and therefore the most difficult to tame: prices fluctuate constantly. In this context, the Hopper application not only offers you to buy the cheapest ticket at time T, but predicts the best time to buy it according to your criteria. You may also receive recommendations based on your previous trips.

Essential on a computer, Google Flight is also accessible from a smartphone under the name Take a Plane to find the best price ticket.

If you are on a plane, there are some nice flight tracker apps out there, but the safest bet is your airline’s app. For example, we simply think of the Air France application.

Another example is EasyJet, which has a clear and efficient interface, allows you to manage reservations and accompanies you throughout the trip with boarding reminder notifications.

Typically, these applications allow you to check-in, present your electronic ticket and be alerted in the event of a delay or change of boarding gate.

If you want to be sure that you have chosen the right seat, do not hesitate to use the site Seat Guru (in English). You will have all the information on the distribution of the best seats on a plane, their equipment and services, indicating the flight number. All companies in the world are listed and users can add photos as information.

GPS in car

To get around by car, you certainly need a GPS navigation application, and a traffic information service on the cleat. Waze is the benchmark, but it requires an internet connection. If you travel to France or Europe, this is no longer a problem, now that roaming (roaming) is included.

If you are traveling internationally or want to save your internet volume for other uses, you can use Google Maps offline mode, or turn to a 100% offline navigation application, such as HERE WeGo.

Don’t forget to turn off your mobile data, or check out our guide to the best offline GPS apps. Let us also mention the excellent MAPS.ME, a reference in the field.

The Coyote application offers one of the best GPS tools for finding your route, being alerted to traffic difficulties and dangers on the road. Years of know-how available in an app that relies on information shared by its large community of members for real-time information.

To get around by public transport

To get around on the spot, if you don’t have your own car, the two universal solutions are public transport, taxi… or VTC. Uber is a controversial service, but it has the advantage of operating in several cities around the world.

To navigate by metro, bus or tram, Citymapper and Google Maps make it easy to find the line to take. Apple’s Maps app has made huge strides and now offers information on public transportation in many major cities.

Book a hotel, bed and breakfast or hostel

There are plenty of options for accommodation: you can find a hotel room with a service like

If you appreciate the comfort of an apartment or a house, you can also turn to Abritel, which offers a wide variety of decors.

Should we mention Airbnb, the benchmark of its kind when looking for a place to spend the night in a less formal setting than a hotel.

Lovers of the great outdoors and campers can take advantage of HomeCamper to find the location to pitch their tent.

Find restaurants, bars and cafes

The publisher Lonely Planet declines its famous tourist guides in the form of an accomplished application, fed by local guides.

There is also TripAdvisor, whose reliability of reviews is sometimes questioned, but which has the merit of covering the whole world for free. The application has also been modernized and now allows you to pin your best addresses, for you or on a map to share.

Finally, TheFork allows you to find a restaurant nearby and to reserve at favorable rates. The service is only available in France and in a handful of foreign countries.

Internationally, Yelp will be of great help in finding bars and restaurants. It can also be useful to find shops, places of recreation or parks to rest.

Speak foreign languages

Still abroad, you may need a translator to understand or make you understood. This is precisely the goal of Google Translate, which translates text, voice and even panels into augmented reality. The application can work without an internet connection if you have downloaded the correct language packs.

To translate posters, signs and other restaurant menus, Google Lens easily recognizes characters from all language systems and offers direct links to Google Translate to understand their meaning. In addition, Google Lens can identify certain objects, although the functionality is not very precise at the moment.

You can also simply learn a foreign language and we offer you a selection of the best apps for taking lessons.

Exchange currencies and pay

Outside of the Eurozone, a currency converter app will help you save money. We recommend XE.

Converting currencies is one thing, paying for it is another. FinTechs now allow you to pay a minimum of costs: N26 offers you to open a real current account for your expenses abroad.

Curve uses another way. The app provides you with a MasterCard debiting one of your existing accounts.

Revolut goes a step further and provides you with a bank card to top up. A small revolution.

To do his accounts

Do not wait until the end of the holidays to do the accounts, instead use an application to manage your expenses with family or friends with Tricount for example. You will then know who owes what and to whom.

Split is also a good solution, with a cleaner interface. It is a little slower to learn, but is practical and efficient once adopted.

You can also opt for Le Pot Commun and create a common pot. For more details, do not hesitate to consult our complete selection of applications to manage your budget.

Note that more and more banks, especially online, offer cost-sharing services between friends. This is the case of Money Friends rated Banque Populaire or We share chez Ma French Bank.

Now that you’ve been able to do your maths with your friends and family, it’s time to pay your dues. For this, the giant PayPal is perfectly suited.

In recent years, good, very practical alternatives to use have emerged, such as the French Lydia, which allows you to exchange small sums without going through the traditional transfer.

And also…

To find a connexion Wi-Fi around you, you can use Wifi Finder. For more security and peace of mind, you can also a VPN. And we have a guide to help you choose.

We do not fully measure the interest of such an application before needing it: Where are the toilets? lists more than 150,000 places around you, especially in France. Internationally, you can opt for Flush Toilet Finder, which lists 200,000 addresses (including France).

And finally, an app that can always be useful: that of the Red Cross. It presents the actions that save in video, training in the main medical emergencies with clear and detailed explanations. You can also test your knowledge, train yourself to prepare for natural disasters. Emergency numbers are listed.

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