Saturday, September 25

Orange France confirms one of the most anticipated features of the iPhone 12


In the absence of a few days until the iPhone 12 is officially presented, some of the benefits that the device will have are beginning to be confirmed. A few days ago, the date on which the iPhone 12 will be presented was finally known. It has been a long wait and many rumors that we have lived through for months, but next October 13 we will have the iPhone 12 event. will surprise Apple? It is difficult to know, but some of its characteristics are beginning to be known. Just as we sometimes discover news about devices because their characteristics are uploaded to Amazon days before to start the pre-sale, in this case some of the new features of the iPhone 12 have been known thanks to the information that Orange France has shared on its website. And the most remarkable thing is the confirmation that it will have 5G. In addition, they announce that the iPhone 12 will be available from December and the plans in which it will be sold, but that are already matters of the same company and its offers. The important thing is that this year it will be in stores and will reach our hands. We tell you what options you have if you want to buy an iPad in 2020, Apple has renewed the range of tablets and the offer has been expanded, here you will find out about all the models and their characteristics. It was more than expected that the iPhone 12 had 5G and much has been said about this circumstance in recent months. Connectivity is being rolled out to nearly every manufacturer’s flagship and lacking it could render the device obsolete in a matter of months. These would be the first iPhone with 5G connectivity, but we will see if they have to sacrifice other aspects, as we reported that it could happen due to the extra cost that 5G will entail. There was the feeling that Apple did not want the price of the mobile phone to rise too much in the face of a market that is increasingly cheaper devices due to Asian competition, although a week ago they leaked which ones would probably be in the United States and does not stand out for that look: iPhone 12 Mini. The smallest and most basic model, equipped with a 5.4-inch screen and some cuts to lower its price. It would have a storage option of 64GB for $ 649, 128GB for $ 699 and 256GB for $ 799. iPhone 12. The standard version of the family, with a 6.1-inch screen. Its price would be $ 749 for the variant with 64GB of storage, $ 799 for the 128GB, and $ 899 for the 256GB. iPhone 12 Pro. The advanced model with a 6.1-inch screen would start at $ 999 for the 128GB version, $ 1,099 for the 256GB version, and $ 1,299 for the 512GB version. iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 12 with the 6.7-inch screen, the advanced and expensive of the family, would have a starting price of $ 1,099 for the 128GB version, $ 1,199 for the 256GB version, and $ 1,399 for the 512GB version. . Next Tuesday we will definitely know all the benefits of the iPhone 12 and its prices. Do you notice that feeling? It is the whole industry waiting to see the face of this device.


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