Friday, January 22

Only 9 cents per GB with this Crucial MX500 SSD with a capacity of 1 TB

SSDs have become so common on PCs that they can now even replace a conventional hard drive with large storage capacity. For this, we offer you the excellent MX 500 1 TB from Crucial, on sale for less than 90 euros on Amazon.

Yes, it is possible to find an SSD with a large storage capacity at a good price. This is now the case with the good MX 500 reference from the famous Crucial brand, where its 1TB model offers an excellent capacity / price ratio: only 9 cents per GB.

In short

  • The reliability of Crucial products
  • The presence of 3D NAND technology
  • Up to 560 MB / s read and 510 write

Instead of the usual 119 euros, the Crucial MX 500 SSD with a capacity of 1 TB is now available on sale at only 89 euros on Amazon thanks to an immediate discount of around 25%.

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You should know that an SSD has many advantages over a traditional hard drive, starting with the strength of the design of this product. The absence of mechanical parts makes it much better to withstand shocks and vibrations, which promotes the longevity of the object and therefore of your data.

An SSD is also faster. The MX 500 1TB, for example, offers a sequential read speed that can reach a maximum of 560 MB / s for reading and 510 MB / s for writing. It’s about 5 times faster than a conventional HDD. Your operating system and installed software will run much faster, especially video games which will see their loading times greatly reduced. In addition, 3D NAND technology is also involved to gain endurance, speed and save energy consumption.

Like most SSDs that plug into SATA, that of the Crucial brand obviously adopts the standard 2.5-inch (and 7 mm thick) format to fit both inside a PC tower and a laptop. Finally, note that your purchase will be guaranteed for 5 years by the manufacturer.

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