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Only 129 euros, that’s the price of this Honor 3-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner

Last year, Honor also entered the stick vacuum cleaner market with this reference from its Honor Choice range. The latter is currently on sale at 129 euros on Cdiscount and it is the best offer of the moment.

If we know the Honor brand more from the side of smartphones, wearables and laptops, we know much less for its household items. In the course of 2020, the manufacturer has yet launched into the vacuum cleaner market with its Honor Choice range and one of its references is today in strong promotion.

The Honor Choice stick vacuum at a glance

  • Wireless and 3-in-1
  • 125 W suction power
  • Between 40 to 60 minutes of autonomy
  • The antibacterial protection system

If you usually find this Honor Choice 3-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner around 200 euros on most retail sites, it is currently the cheapest on Cdiscount with a promotion price of 139 euros. It is even possible to reduce the bill again by 10 euros using the promo code 10 EUROS before proceeding to payment.

Price of the Honor Choice vacuum cleaner after application of the promo code // Gamesdone: Cdiscount.

It should be noted that this promotion is done from a third-party seller on the site, but that the delivery is entirely managed by Cdiscount.

To learn more about the Honor Choice vacuum cleaner 👇

Honor’s first stick vacuum cleaner tackles the brand’s characteristic simplicity while offering tempting features for a device of this type. The device is 3-in-1, which allows it to be flexible in its use, ideal for small spaces. In addition to a roller brush, it has a set of brushes suitable for various surfaces in your living space (carpet, carpet, parquet, tiles, etc.).

The suction power is 125 W thanks to a new energy efficiency management. The latter is put forward by an engine running at 100,000 rpm to avoid loss of suction while limiting noise pollution as much as possible. You can count on an antibacterial system that prevents the spread of viruses and germs inside the broom and in the tank. The roller brush is also certified antibacterial, which prevents residue from becoming contaminated. The rear filter on the other hand prevents the escape of particles and odors when the device is in operation.

Honor announces an autonomy between 40 and 60 minutes thanks to the 2,500 mAh battery integrated in its stick vacuum cleaner, which recharges completely in approximately 2:30. We would also have liked the device to have a charging station, but we have to believe that this is reserved for more high-end devices.

The Honor Choice vacuum cleaner finally has a handy remaining charge reminder LED display, as well as reminder lights for filter replacement. This display also gives the suction power and the filling rate of the container.

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