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Only 107 euros for the Xiaomi Poco M3 4 + 64 GB today

The Xiaomi Poco M3 is an entry-level smartphone that has the particularity of carrying a large 6000 mAh battery. It is now available in promotion for only 107 euros on Rakuten, in its 4 + 64 GB version.

With its Xiaomi Poco M3, the Chinese manufacturer gives you the possibility of hardly worrying about the percentage level of the battery of your smartphone. Five days with light use is the brand’s promise. And its price is currently down thanks to a promo code.

In short

  • 5 days autonomy
  • The photo is suitable for the price
  • It incorporates a jack, dual SIM and microSD port

Instead of 139 euros, the Xiaomi Poco M3 (version 4 + 64 GB) is available today on sale for only 107 euros on Rakuten using the promo code RAKUTEN10. This offer is only valid today, March 7, 2021.

The product is displayed at 117 euros, then goes to 107 euros after application of the promo code. To obtain this price, it is essential to join for free – and in a few clicks – the loyalty program of Club R. You will also receive free euros to use on your next order.

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8 /10

Xiaomi Poco M3

The Xiaomi Poco M3 is an entry-level smartphone and it shows from its design to its build quality. It takes up the aesthetic codes of its segment with a flat screen, a central notch in the shape of a drop of water and modestly sized borders (except for the chin). On the back, there is textured plastic to limit fingerprints that occupy the entire space, until you can see the huge photo module.

The photo is not the main element of this smartphone, but Xiaomi has decided to highlight it on its Poco M3. We then find this large glass rectangle placed horizontally which houses the logo of the Chinese brand on the right and the triple sensor module on the left. It takes decent shots when the right light conditions are right, with 48-megapixel and Portrait modes that work well, but don’t expect it to perform well after dark.

The Xiaomi Poco M3 is mostly massive in the hand. With dimensions 77.3 x 162.3 x 9.6 mm for a 6.53-inch IPS LCD (Full HD +) screen, you might as well say that it will not suit all handcuffs. Its imposing size is mainly due to its large battery of 6000 mAh which allows it to reach an autonomy of 5 days with light use, according to the brand. In fact, with intensive use, count two good days before it drops below the 10% mark. A good point therefore.

It is not then the most powerful smartphone by being equipped with a Snapdragon 662 supported by 4 GB of RAM, but it is more than enough to benefit from a generally fluid user experience on a daily basis, even if some slowdowns can provide in the interface. Plus, it’s even capable of running Fortnite in average quality with a reasonable FPS.

To find out even more, do not hesitate to read our Xiaomi Poco M3 test.

Offer no longer available?

If, subsequently, the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, please take a look at the table below to find other offers concerning the Xiaomi Poco M3.

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