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OnePlus says goodbye to its interface in China to better taste that of Oppo

Through the product manager of OyxgenOS, OnePlus has officially abandoned its HydrogenOS interface reserved for its Chinese users, in favor of Oppo’s, ColorOS.

The OnePlus 9 Pro

The OnePlus 9 Pro // Gamesdone: Pete Lau

The rumor had been running for a few days now, and OnePlus did not take long to formalize the news: HydrogenOS, the software interface reserved for its Chinese users, will be officially abandoned from the launch of the OnePlus 9. As a reminder, the latter will enjoy a conference on March 23 at 3 p.m.

Goodbye HydrogenOS

The Chinese group split a message on its forum to announce this small upheaval. Gary C., Product Manager of OxygenOS, however, wishes to reassure the international community: OxygenOS will continue to be used in other markets, to the delight of users.

Appreciated for its ergonomics, its sleek appearance and its degree of customization, OxygenOS is one of the most popular interfaces in the community. As such, it was placed just after that of Samsung in a May 2020 survey. The owners of a OnePlus phone in France therefore have nothing to worry about.

A customized version of ColorOS

As expected, OnePlus decides here to switch to the Oppo interface through a version of ColorOS specially customized for the occasion, can we read. That the brand relies on the software resources of its cousin is not surprising given the recent merger observed between the two entities of the BBK Electronics group.

In January 2021, OnePlus notably entrusted part of its research and development to Oppo, under a division under the name of OPLUS. The two brands therefore continue to forge close ties: formerly economic and technical ties, which are now becoming software.

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