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OnePlus confirms working on noise canceling headphones for 2021

OnePlus has unveiled a list of projects the manufacturer is working on for 2021. Among them, the firm has announced that it is working on an active noise reduction system.

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

At the very end of 2020, OnePlus returned to the announcements made over the past 365 days. The manufacturer returned in particular to the announcements made on its OxygenOS interface, but also on the camera of its smartphones or on the headphones launched in 2020.

But in a post on its official forum, OnePlus also gave some clues as to the new features planned for 2021. The manufacturer returned to its Open Ear Forums, a series of videoconferencing discussions that he had the opportunity to share with some of its users. During these discussions, he gave more information about his 2021 program, especially regarding OxygenOS, as reported by the site XDA Developers.

In terms of accessories and especially headphones, OnePlus says it wants to continue improving the audio quality of its devices. Above all, the firm indicates that it is currently studying the quality of active noise reduction. What to suggest that the manufacturer will launch, next year, its first headphones true wireless noise reduction, after the OnePlus Buds and OnePlus Buds Z launched in 2020. Note also that a recent leak indicates that OnePlus will launch a connected bracelet, the OnePlus Bands, early next year.

Features in preparation for photography and mobile gaming

In the field of photography, OnePlus explains that it wants to continue to correct certain inconsistencies between the lens and the automatic white balance, but also to add a function to take advantage of intelligent capture when taking pictures of children. This feature is already available in closed beta and could arrive for all users as early as next year.

The last point on which OnePlus plans improvements for 2021 concerns mobile gaming. The firm could thus add messaging applications to its Gaming Tool mode for quick responses, add a high refresh rate to certain games and indicate the number of frames per second in the Game Space during the game phases.

All these new features are currently under development or evaluation by OnePlus. Logically, we should therefore discover them with the next updates of OxygenOS. These could take place early next year. Remember that the manufacturer’s next smartphone, the OnePlus 9, is expected for next March.

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