Friday, October 30

One of the best features of the Apple Watch reaches Fitbit Sense users in Europe

Focused on health, Fitbit has received authorization from the European institutions to use one of the newest functions in the sports watch market. In the middle of the year, Fitbit announced its most modern watch, the most advanced to date, the jewel in its catalog. One of the qualities that made the Fitbit Sense so spacious was that it had an integrated ECG sensor. Thanks to this sensor, which we saw for the first time in Apple watches, we can make a precise ” map ” of the activity of our heart. Electrocardiograms make a more accurate measurement of heart rhythm and may detect arrhythmias and other problems of this nature. But watchmakers cannot include it without the permission of the authorities in each country – the FDA in the United States is the only one that has validated Fitbit’s ECG up to this point. Now it is Europe that has given the go-ahead to this technology and allows the brand to activate the function for all users who already have a Fitbit Sense in their possession. Smart watches are a good substitute for the mobile when you perform tasks that prevent you from handling it. Let’s take a look at the best GPS watches, ideal for running and other physical activities. Thanks to this decision, if you have a Sense, you will see how the function and metrics of the ECG sensor of your watch are activated in the next few days. Some Reddit users indicate that it is necessary to update the application on the mobile for the system to activate. The Fitbit Sense ECG app lets you analyze your heartbeat and check for atrial fibrillation (AFib). To perform a scan, you simply need to place a finger on the corners of the Fitbit Sense and wait for it to record your heart rate. Then in the Fitbit mobile application you can check all the data and the final evaluation that the electrocardiogram has made. You can even download a report to share with your doctor for a diagnosis.

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