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On the Pixels, Google Camera is inspired by the iPhone for “level” shots

With its smartphones, Google stands out in the field of photography. The company has gone to the iPhone side to add a feature that “straightens” your photos.

Pixel 5 photo module

Pixel 5 photo module // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

The smartphones of the Pixel range are obviously preferred by Google. The company is also adding a good number of features relating to the field of photography. Among the latter, note the appearance of a level feature on the screen.

Less distorted photos

As pointed out Android Police, it is now easier to take a straight photo thanks to the presence of two indicators. In the vertical position, the Google Camera app has two lines – one white and one yellow. When the lines are superimposed, the image is then taken at a perfect 90 ° angle to the ground. It immediately becomes easier to focus on a horizon line.

When the smartphone is positioned horizontally, two small white and yellow crosses appear. Again it is necessary that these are merged to ensure a perfect level. This is particularly useful when capturing a document.

Owners of an iOS smartphone have known this little trick for some time now. It is also surprising that Google did not implement it earlier. Concretely, the device uses the gyroscope of the smartphone and therefore avoids misshapen renderings. Apple also uses this process for its Level application as well as for its Compass.


Pixels keep getting richer

In recent months, the Google Pixels have welcomed several new features. This is for example the case of Portrait Light Mode (for Pixel 5, 4a 5G and 4) allowing you to manually move the brightness on a subject’s face while adjusting its intensity.

The Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 can now extract high-definition shots from videos captured in Time Lapse mode. Note also the Color Pop feature to highlight a subject by applying a black and white filter to the rest of the image.

The Pixels have also recently benefited from a new filter called HDR. This makes it possible to apply a specific treatment by playing on the brightness and the contrasts to simulate an HDR rendering. The Californian firm had also introduced other filters to alter the rendering of the sky.

Note also that Pixel smartphones are now the only ones to have an option of unlimited and free storage on Google Photos. The Californian firm is actually trying to sell its shared storage with Gmail and Google Drive via its Google One subscription.

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