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On sale, the Tile Mate becomes half the price of an Apple AirTag

Tile is currently the leader in object locators, but the arrival of new entrants in the market is forcing it to reduce its prices. The Mate model – the most popular of all – then goes from 24.99 euros to only 17.99 euros on Amazon.

Since Samsung launched its SmartTag and Apple its AirTag, there has been a strong resurgence of interest in this technology, which allows you to find lost items. However, Tile has been offering an almost identical solution since 2015 with its Mate, a small Bluetooth tracker to hang on your keys or your handbag, for example. Faced with competition, the Californian company decides to lower prices so that its flagship product becomes half the price of the others.

The Tile Mate in brief

  • All-purpose design
  • 60 m range in Bluetooth
  • One year of autonomy (replaceable battery)

Instead of 24.99 euros, the 2020 version of the Tile Mate is available today on sale for only 17.99 euros on Amazon. Note that the lot of 4 costs 69.99 euros – either the price of two Apple AirTag.

To learn more about the Tile Mate 👇

With small dimensions (35 x 35 x 6.2 mm), light weight (7 grams) and a notch, the Tile Mate is a practical product to carry that easily clings to all types of objects: keys, plush , purse, backpack, etc. It is even resistant to water and dust thanks to its IP57 certification.

Once connected and linked to your Android or Apple smartphone, you can use the dedicated application to ring the tracker up to a range of 60 meters via Bluetooth, which makes it easier to find the lost object thanks to a powerful sound. And it also works in the opposite direction! You can then use your Tile Mate to ring your phone, even when it is in silent mode.

If your lost object has exceeded the perimeter of 60 meters authorized in Bluetooth, the application then takes over and allows you to display the last known position of your Tile Mate thanks to an anonymous and secure network. Basically, anyone with a smartphone – with the Tile app installed and Bluetooth turned on – who misses your tracker will send information about its location. Apple and Samsung operate in a different and deemed more efficient way, since their smartphones (with Bluetooth enabled) can directly detect trackers of the same brand without having to install an application.

When it comes to battery life, the Tile Mate can run for over a year on one battery. The latter can be replaced easily. The Californian brand also offers a premium subscription to support the renewal of the battery each year, with also other additional features to complete the whole.

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The alternatives available

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