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on motorways, all service areas will have them by 2023

In a new decree published on February 15, 2021, the State requires the installation of a charging station for electric vehicles in “all service areas of the motorway network conceded” by January 1, 2023.

Today, there is no longer any doubt that the objective of 100,000 charging points for electric cars installed in France by the end of 2021 is a sweet utopia. In December 2020, France had no less than 30,838, according to the latest Avere-France monthly report. Clearly, the project turns to failure, and it is safe to say that the current park will not accommodate 70,000 others in less than a year.

To make up for it, the government is stepping up initiatives and pushing back the deadlines. In one new decree recently published on Légifrance and accompanied by a press release, the State announces the release of a new envelope of 100 million euros “dedicated to acceleration [du] development of fast charging stations on the national road network », We can read.

Aid up to 40% of the installation cost

Above all, the executive intends to put pressure on the players in the sector, since “all service areas of the concession motorway network will be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles by January 1, 2023», Indicates the document. Here, the government is not making any proposal, but urges the parties concerned to do so.

Hyundai Kona electric

The Hyundai Kona electric has an Ionity terminal // Gamesdone: Yann Lethuillier for Frandroid

This is where the 100 million euros in aid will come in. Depending on the type of station, the installation of terminals will be co-financed up to 10 to 30% of the costs. “This rate may be increased to 40% in certain specific situations», We emphasize. In this case, this rate of 40% concerns small, low profitability stations fitted with at least four fast charging points, half of which offer a minimum power of 150 kW.

This quota of four fast charging points is also the imposed standard. And the State to specify that “these aids can be combined with the coverage of up to 75% of the costs of connection to the network set up by the Mobility Orientation Law“. To boost momentum, the first 150 charging points installed will benefit from a 10% premium to lighten the bill a little more.

National roads are not forgotten

The envelope of 100 million euros will also benefit the national road network not conceded, which will also have to comply with the new decree “thanks to the mobilization of State services“. The national roads are not neglected, moreover, and form an integral part of the new action plan. A recent tweet of the Minister for Transport, in the person of Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, was however confusing.

The person concerned has published a map of the licensed service areas (and not of the rest areas, devoid of service stations) which will include at least two 150 kW charging points by the end of 2022. Problem: Brittany seems to be left behind abandonned. Why ? “Because the map only shows the licensed motorway service areas that will be equipped», Specifies the politician.

And to continue: “But we will also equip those for national roads and non-concessionary highways. Highways + RN = 440 service areas. Objective: that they be all equipped by the end of 2022“. Now all you have to do is walk the talk.

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