Thursday, February 25

On Android, Google Messages now allows you to schedule the sending of SMS (like on Gmail)

Google has just announced the evolution of the Google Messages application. The dedicated texting application from Google now has a function to schedule the sending of an SMS.

If you have busy days, you probably find yourself at the end of the day checking the messages you have received. An SMS from Mom asking you why you are not calling her, a text from your best friend asking you for advice on a PC setup, a message from your boss asking if you have thought of answering car… Are you going to answer it at 2 am? This is not necessarily a good idea.

Google now offers a function that was already found on third-party SMS applications. You can now schedule texting, like what Gmail has been doing for a few months.

Schedule sending when you want

Without updating the OS of your Android smartphone, Google Messages will therefore benefit from a new function. When you have written your SMS, an option allows you to schedule the sending of the SMS to the time slots offered or at a time of your choice.

This option is available from Android 7, it arrives via an update of Google Messages on the Play Store. Google Messages therefore completes the list of SMS apps that offer this type of function, because it is obviously not the only one. This is a function already available on Gmail, whether on the web version or the native app.

Google Messages

Google Messages

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