Monday, January 18

OLED will finally land on our laptops: Samsung is getting serious

If there were already a few computers on the market with OLED displays, the technology should soon gain popularity in laptops thanks to Samsung.

For many years, the smartphone market has been marked by OLED technology. Today, most if not all high-end smartphones are equipped with screens with this technology, even at Apple, because it allows infinite contrasts, excellent brightness, a wide spectrum of colors displayed and excellent accuracy when the screen is correctly calibrated. OLED has also become widespread on the best high-end TVs on the market with much larger panels.

Between the two, there is a market that has not been able to take advantage of this technology until now, it is that of laptops. We have seen a few models go through the drafting, such as the Dell XPS 15 2019, sold for more than 2,000 euros, but its successor no longer offers this option and is satisfied with an excellent LCD screen. OLED has never succeeded in mainstreaming in more accessible price ranges, but that could change.

Samsung annonce son OLED for Laptops

Samsung is taking advantage of CES 2021 to present several products around display technologies. While waiting for its Galaxy Unpacked dedicated to the Galaxy S21, the brand has therefore presented a new generation of OLED panels for laptops. If the information is so important, it is because Samsung is currently one of the biggest OLED producers in the world with LG Display, Sharp and BOE.

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In the video published by Samsung Display, we can read that the new generation of OLED panel for laptops offers very interesting characteristics: very deep blacks at 0.0005 nit, very good readability in the sun and a color spectrum that extends to 120% of the DCI-P3 spectrum.

Above all, Samsung wants to reach the mass market with its screens which will be marketed for all the major manufacturers in the market, i.e. HP, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Razer, Microsoft, etc. We can even imagine Apple wanting to offer the same screen quality on its future MacBooks as on its iPhone and iPad Pro. The first screen size announced here by Samsung Display is 15.6 inches for Full HD definition. It is a size and a definition that is found in the mid-range of laptops.

Hopefully this announcement will indeed improve the quality of the screens of our laptops in the medium term.

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