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Novarden launches a robot mower for small area and low budget

Novarden unveils a new connected model from its NRL range to satisfy users who have a small area to mow and the budget that goes with it.

The Novarden NRL 250 Connect robotic lawnmower

The Novarden NRL 250 Connect robot lawn mower // Gamesdone: Novarden

With spring, it’s time to take care of your exteriors. Or rather let the robotic lawnmower take care of it to take more time for yourself.

Specialist in garden maintenance, Novarden is extending its range of connected robot mowers to adapt perfectly to surfaces from less than 200 to 700 m².

A model for small gardens

The average surface area of ​​French gardens would be around 500 m². If everyone dreams of a small piece of land, especially since the pandemic and repeated confinement, it is also necessary to know how to maintain it and it is often the most tedious. Lawn mowing is one of those elements that have moved on to modernity by also becoming connected. You still have to find the right robot mower, because these devices remain a significant investment to be expected. And when you only have a small patch of grass, it’s not necessarily worth the cost.

The Novarden NRL 250 Connect robotic lawnmower

The Novarden NRL 250 Connect robot lawn mower // Gamesdone: Novarden

Novarden is therefore extending its NRL range with a first device, the NRL 250 Connect, which takes care of gardens up to 200 m². It is added to the three other existing models (up to 300 m², 500 m² and 700 m² – models up to 600 m² and 1000 m² are not connected).

In order for the robot to be as efficient as possible at the end of winter and with the garden to be cleared up waiting for it, it is better that its capacity conforms to your surface.

Cut grass transformed into natural fertilizer

The NRL 250 Connect is a compact (48 x 36 x 21.5 cm) and discreet device that can be controlled from the Novarden Green app (iOS and Android). This allows you to program the launch of the session on the day and time of your choice. You can choose the cutting height (from 25 to 55 mm). It also has a RainSensor rain sensor to adapt its work if it starts to rain and return to its charging base to finish later. It is promised silent, can withstand a slope of 20 ° maximum and has an autonomy of 45 minutes (90 minutes to recharge).

The robot has Mulching technology, an ecological way of proceeding. The finely cut grass is collected and will serve as natural fertilizer for the lawn.

Price and availability of the Novarden NRL 250 Connect

The Novarden NRL 250 Connect robotic lawnmower is available at 399.99 euros on the Best of Robots website as well as at Darty and other partner sites.

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