Saturday, June 19

“Nothing is more important than your privacy”

Google gives users a little more control over their private data in its ecosystem, from Google Search, Maps, etc.

Google is often seen as the enemy of privacy. It must be said that its economic model is entirely based on it. Almost all of its services are free, funded by the use of user data, starting with navigation data. In view of the many criticisms in this regard, Google wished to reassure during the I / O by specifying that no particularly private data (content of emails, conversations, photos, health data, etc.) could not be subject to ” any sharing with its partners or use to personalize advertisements.

Also, Google wanted to focus on data security and confidentiality. And since it starts with having control over your data, Google emphasized this during its conference.

Choose what’s right for you

In addition to the menus already available in his Google account and the incognito mode now available on Maps or YouTube, new options are now appearing. Google Search offers for example a new feature in the menu allowing in 2 clicks to delete the last 15 minutes of search history.

I’m going to Google Maps: «when you see places you have visited in your timeline, you are reminded that it is because you have enabled the location history, which you can easily cut ».

Google Photos for its part offers “locked” folders. All the images there will no longer be visible when you scroll your photo feed, nor from other applications on your phone. This option is intended for the Pixels for the moment, but will also arrive on other smartphones in the future.

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