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Nothing announces its Ear 1 headphones for June … without saying anything


In a long message, Carl Pei, the former co-founder of OnePlus, announced the imminent arrival of the very first product of his new brand Nothing: wireless headphones called Ear 1. “The first step on an exciting journey” which starts in June.

Carl Pei's new brand (ex-OnePlus) announces its first Ear 1 headphones

Carl Pei’s new brand (ex-OnePlus) announces its first Ear 1 headphones // Gamesdone: Nothing

Can’t you hear anything coming? Well, yes. The pun is easy when you are faced with a brand that has chosen Nothing as the name. (nothing in English) and who does not intend to sit idly by for the good of our ears. This Tuesday, Carl Pei, co-founder of the brand and former boss of OnePlus, unveiled the name of Nothing’s very first product to come. We knew they would be wireless headphones. We now know that they will be called Ear 1. A name as minimalist and transparent in its idea as the product promises to be.

« Reflecting the clean aesthetic of the product, the name Ear 1 echoes our raw ambition: to let things be what they are ”, writes in an enigmatic way Carl Pei while adding not to want “Dress (the product) with a fancy name” so that Ear 1 “Speaks for itself. “

“Ear 1 is just the beginning”

Since the announcement of the creation of his new London startup, the former strongman of OnePlus has surrounded himself with respected specialists in the sector including Tony Fadell, the designer of the iPod that is talking to his investors, or companies like Teenage Engineering, a Swedish audio specialist. He always wanted to carry audio projects, he had even largely contributed to the design of OnePlus Bullets, the Bluetooth headphones of his former company.

This time, sound is promised at the heart of all projects. “Ear 1 is only the beginning, the first step in a long and exciting journey to come”, announces the strong man of Nothing whose company still promises “eliminate barriers between people and technology to create a transparent digital future that is lived, felt and unlike anything else ”(“ looks, lives and feels like nothing ”).

Carl Pei of the time of OnePlus

Carl Pei of the time of OnePlus // Gamesdone: Twitter / @kevinabosch

Why start with headphones when you want to offer something great for listening to music? “We love to immerse ourselves in the world of our choice. And don’t let the world choose for us», Summarizes Carl Pei in his text. So what was needed was a product that could help you immerse yourself in the sound of a song, audiobook, or podcast without being disturbed by the world around you. The Ear 1 should therefore count on at least one function that has become rather essential: active noise reduction. However, the Swedish-Chinese entrepreneur promises a “differentiating” product that “would elevate the design“And would also bring”value “…

So what does Ear 1 look like? We will still have to wait before knowing it. Nothing spares the suspense and maintains a buzz by always playing the nebulous card of this long-awaited first audio product. “The design is still top secret, but what we can tell you is that Ear 1 combines transparency, iconic shape and refined functionality. », annonce Carl Pei. « It is the starting point that will define the art, confidence and know-how that will carry our products and services for years to come.. »

All in transparency (or almost)

A very philosophical presentation for headphones that have been designed “with a purpose»In everything we see or what we do not see. From there to imagine that the product will offer transparent headphones, there is only one step that we want to take happily. Nothing wants us to understand that its ideas, know-how and quality will be assets that deserve to be shown. We only ask to see it … in full transparency.

A first project had appeared in the winter. However, it was officially only a concept not doomed to exist. The Concept 1 earphones were first and foremost intended to demonstrate the path Nothing intends to follow in device design so that “itEach interaction with a product, from its handling to its activation, is intuitive, obvious and natural. ”

Nothing Concept 1

Nothing Concept 1 // Gamesdone : Nothing

A transparent earpiece, with a design that is certainly questionable, but which focuses on valuing experience and quality: this is enough to cover the terms put forward by Carl Pei to evoke the Ear 1.

And the Ear 1s that they are announcing for the month of June without a more precise date will only be the first confirmed element in a range that sees much further. “A fertile backdrop“Before getting ready”to enter new product categories ».

With such preparation for a desired painless first birth, Nothing plays the mystery card, emphasizing its philosophy before unveiling its product. As if it was necessary today, to stand out, to explain his state of mind and what changed the creation of a product. We are now all ears to discover, summer come, the famous Ear 1. And, failing to distill information on the product, we must at least recognize in Carl Pei and Nothing the talent to make us lend an attentive ear without finally nothing to tell us more.


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