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NordVPN is already launching its promotions with its subscription at only 2.8 euros / month for Black Friday

NordVPN has already launched its Black Friday promotions. By adding three free months to his two-year subscription, he thus reduces his monthly rate to only 2.8 euros per month. One of the lowest prices seen this year from the VPN provider.

A good week before Black Friday, NordVPN is pulling a great promotion on its two-year subscription to its VPN service. This includes during the next few days only three additional free months.

In other words, the monthly price of the two-year subscription to NordVPN drops from 3.15 euros to only 2.80 euros, or a total of 75.65 euros for 27 months. Such a price drop has now become quite rare at this VPN provider.

Why choose NordVPN?

NordVPN is considered one of the best VPN providers in the world today. He has for him not only the experience in the field of VPN (he has been operating in this sector since 2012), but also high-performance servers (among the most efficient thanks to NordLynx technology), an application that is easy to use and he guarantees the confidentiality of data passing through its VPN servers. Crucial points to take into account when it comes to choosing your VPN provider.

NordVPN, the safe bet of VPN

Taking a subscription with NordVPN is simply the guarantee that you take a subscription to a service that works without asking any questions. Its application is available on all the main connected devices of the moment: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Linux, but also Android TV or directly in Internet browsers with extensions for Chrome or Firefox. All applications are also fully translated into French.

Its application is a model of clarity and ergonomics. It displays a world map on which all of its servers are placed. For example, just click on the United States to connect to the fastest American server available at that time. It’s hard to make it simpler.

The servers, in fact, are NordVPN’s strong point. They currently number 5,500 and are spread over 59 different countries. That is to say as many countries in which you can relocate your IP address.

These servers, in fact, are all very efficient. By connecting to it, you not only have the assurance that the connection will be stable, but that it will also be very fast. During our tests on American servers, we found speeds that can go up to more than 200 Mb / s. Perfect speeds for downloading files or for watching series from the American catalog of Netflix in very high quality.

Truly respected confidentiality

The last strong argument in favor of NordVPN is simply its respect for the privacy of its users. On his website, NordVPN ensures that its service does not keep any logs of user activity, which is called a no logs policy.

It is not moreover a simple opportunist statement, NordVPN recently had its data retention policy audited by an independent firm renowned: PricewaterhouseCoopers. And its conclusions are crystal clear: NordVPN keeps absolutely no history of its users’ activity on its servers: IP addresses, online activity, bandwidth usage data, session information or connection timestamps are never kept. and therefore completely inaccessible.

Finally, in the coming weeks, NordVPN will launch a new feature on its application: the Dark Web Monitor. The principle is simple, once the option is activated in the settings of the NordVPN application (for the moment only on the iOS application), NordVPN will search in databases from the dark web if your email address is associated. data (password, credit card number, etc.). If so, the app will notify you immediately.

The NordVPN subscription at the price of 2.8 euros per month, a real good deal

For Black Friday, the two-year NordVPN subscription gets three additional free months, which brings its monthly price down to only 2.8 euros per month, against 3.15 euros per month usually. It’s very rare for NordVPN’s monthly price to drop below three euros now.

This two-year subscription is interesting in more ways than one. It can be shared between 6 devices at the same time. Which means you can totally share your subscription with your loved ones or family.

It also has a trial period. You benefit from a 30-day “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. If you wish to reconsider your decision within this period, a simple email or chat with customer service (who is native French-speaking) is sufficient to be reimbursed.

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