Tuesday, October 19

Nikon develops the Z9, a full frame hybrid camera designed for video


Future flagship of the Japanese manufacturer, the Nikon Z9 camera should be equipped with a full frame CMOS sensor and a new processor capable of recording 8K videos.

Nikon Z9

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The Nikon Z series ‘mirrorless’ digital cameras are expected to have a newcomer in 2021. Nikon is currently developing the Z9, with the aim of outperforming its current flagship, the Nikon D6. As a reminder, the D6 is a bulky full-frame reflex, very popular with sports photographers. Lighter, equipped with a vertical trigger grip, the Nikon Z9 and its stacked full-frame CMOS sensor, will appeal to both demanding photographers and videographers.

A lot of work on the video

Recognizing the growing demands of the market, Nikon will offer with the Z9 a significant improvement in video capture performance. So while Z series SLRs (Nikon Z6 II, Z7 II) are limited to 4K 60p, the new Nikon Z9 will be 8K compatible and most likely capable of recording in raw Blackmagic RAW format. Under these conditions, there is no doubt that the Z9 will come to hunt on the lands of the unavoidable Canon EOS R5 and R6.

Nikon roadmap objectifs Nikkor Z

The Nikkor Z lens line is expected to have 27 models by the end of 2022.

New Z-mount lenses in the pipes

By 2022, the Nikkor Z lens range is expected to include no less than 27 models. While short focal lengths are currently well covered, new fixed focal length lenses (28, 40, 50 and 85mm) will soon appear. In other good news, the Nikon Z9 should be able to rely, in addition to the current 100-400mm zoom, on new lenses with very long fixed focal lengths of 400 and 600mm, as well as a 200-600mm zoom. In addition, two focal length multipliers (1.4x and 2x) will broaden the fields of application (sports, animal photography, etc.). According to Nikon, these new lenses will be equipped with ultra-quiet auto-focus systems suitable for video.

The arrival of the Nikon Z9 seems to confirm the Japanese manufacturer’s lack of interest in entry-level and novice photographers.


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