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Nier Automata PC Reviews

Nier Automata PC Reviews

I have never played an original RPG game, but I really loved Nier: Automata. I can admit beyond words that the game is philosophical, magical, fun, emotional and above all the game is stylish. Fortunately, having seen the nier automata trailer, I can tell you how much I was thrilled and excited to play the game. There is a lot to love from this game which I have already broken down for you. Lets dive into Nier Automata PC.

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Nier Automata PC

Once I received the game, I was so much excited to try and recap with the happening of the game. Although the Automata is a standalone title, no prior knowledge of the series is not required. You can watch automata video and please don’t let its complexity scare you away. 

The meaning of Nier Automata PC

So, are wondering what a scrolling shooter game is? I would hate to lie about the game, but it’s not an easy game to understand. Neir is a role playing game. It’s a story of a distant future and earth that is in ruin. In the story, automated machine has evaded earth and forced the people to run away. However, while in their refuges, the human kind has plotted a war against the machines.

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The game is full of surprise, not only did it provide what I expected but I also got the unexpected. Sometime s I remember, even when I expected a twist, there was a surprise that really caught me off guard. 

How is the Nier Automata PC gameplay?

In the Nier Automata PC, the world is overthrown by autonomous machines that kill everything they lay their eyes on. This forces the humanity to seek refuge in the moon.

Nier Automata PC

While most of the residents seem settled in the moon, quite a number of the people are still trying to fight the evil machines out of the earth, and they are not winning the war.

Nier: automata gameplay is rather solid and unique- I have never come across a game like this before, and I recommend you give the RPG a try.

The 2B role play game- What is your role in Nier Automata PC

In the role playing game, the user of the Nier PS4 plays the game as a YoRHa No.2 Type B or what is known as 2B. This is an android army that acts as a cleanup army that was sent to the earth to try and free it from the destructive robots.

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This is the part that evokes the emotion. The 2B is partnered with a male version created to resemble the human – 9S. The duo is of two different characters as the 2B is a calm female and 9S is totally the opposite.

Nier Automata PC

However, the differences are what makes the missions exciting. While the two patrol the earth, they get to learn about many things and more so understands the earth.

The Neir PS4 experience

I have read several Neir automata review, and I could not criticize further. The game delivers 30 hours plus of exciting and unending action. Also, you will enjoy the remarkable locations that you hope during the near automata gameplay.

The storyline is so weird such that I won’t forget the experience soon. The automata machinery and skills are astonishing and mesmerizing especially when played in a neir PS4 at 1080p.

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In case you are using a lower frame rate, you may experience some nagging experiences in the texture pop-in. 

The Automata Music choice

If you really like to play while listening to something attractive, then I recommend the automata soundtrack. While I was starting to play the game, it did cross my mind whether the music editors’ soundtracks were going to compare with the original Neir.

Not only did they match the music with the original, but they surpassed the track. The enchanting soundtrack was amazing, and even with the texture pop-ins, sometimes I didn’t even realize them. 

The game environments

Like I said earlier, the game doesn’t require prior knowledge on the previous RPG games. However, the game settings are rather stunning. Players who have experience on the original Neir will agree with me that the world is totally different.

Nier Automata PC

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The environment itself is realistic. This can even have been seen as I stumbled while surfing the dunes in the desert. Despite the fact that her (2B) emotional moments are sparse, when she emotes, it is flawlessly executed, supplying her with only a tinge of humanness that enables you to relate to her, if however just in the transitory minute.

Improvements needed in Nier Automata PC

However, my entire automata gameplay session was not without some bumps. Unlike the original Nier, sometimes I felt lost, and I couldn’t tell what was happening even after passing several endings.

Also, while coming up with this neir review, I could not resist writing that I didn’t find a reason to cheer up for the androids until after 20 hrs of the automata gameplay. There were also some emotional moments that the developer tried to force up.

Nier Automata PC

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To be honest, some of the events really made my eyes heavy with tears. For players using a PC, glitches may interfere with the game and may force the game to be stuck and you will end up resetting. 

Let’s not forget to mention about the Original characters in Nier Automata PC

Down the gameplay, I got the chance to meet the heroes of the originals. Their presence is welcoming and more so surfing through the sand dunes and hoping from concrete to concrete in the city ruins made the game more thrilling and enjoyable.

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Most of the time I spent playing the game was aimed at destroying the robots and gathering materials that helped upgrade my weapons. Also, I did spend few of my hours searching for the story clues where I participated in mini quests.

If you want to make some cash, then you may be involved in some money making activities such as fishing which is so fun.

My verdict on Nier Automata PC

Automata is all that I could have needed for a continuation of NieR, to the point that I practically feel ruined here. It keeps the same off-the-divider plot and elegantly composed characters from the first while disposing of the cumbersome battle and development for a framework that has the sheen of any of Platinum’s most noteworthy titles. It truly is the best of the two universes.

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On the off chance that you’ve been an enthusiast of NieR since the very beginning, yet have been signed by its ungainliness sometime recently, you’re in for an awesome treat. What’s more, in case you’re new to the absurdity that is a Yoko Taro diversion, realize this is the most perfectly awesome time to hop in.

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