Tuesday, January 19

New sources announce the end of Galaxy Note in 2021

Samsung could well end its Galaxy Note range in 2021. Sales of high-end smartphones have collapsed with the pandemic.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra back and stylus

The back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and its stylus // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Samsung’s abandonment of the Galaxy Note line has been a sea serpent for several years. Many analysts have predicted this, but so far Samsung has always denied them by continuing to release a Note range at the end of the year. Lately, however, this seems to be an internal debate at Samsung, as it was relayed a few weeks ago after the revelations of a South Korean media.

It is now the well-known Reuters which has added its own sources to the case: Samsung should end the Galaxy Note range in 2021.

Change of strategy

Reuters said it had interviewed three different sources with knowledge of the subject in question. They indicate that Samsung is not planning a new Galaxy Note in 2021, but instead to offer an S-Pen stylus for the Galaxy S21 and thus fill the demand of stylus users for the year. The next version of the Galaxy Fold would also be compatible with the S-Pen.

As such, one of the sources indicates that the development budget for the Galaxy Note range has been redirected to the brand’s foldable smartphones. It must be said that in recent years, the Galaxy Note had more and more difficulty in distinguishing itself from the Galaxy S at the beginning of the year. The Galaxy Fold range has taken over this place of hybrid between smartphone and tablet which was the DNA of the Galaxy Note at the start.

The sale of high-end smartphones is at half mast

The abandonment of the Galaxy Note would not only reflect a change in strategy and technologies at Samsung, but also the reaction to a new market that has necessarily suffered the effects of the pandemic, and especially the related economic crisis. As a result, sales of Galaxy Note and Galaxy S have been revised downwards, with a drop of 20% for the Note, and 5 million fewer copies for the Galaxy S according to the Counterpoint agency quoted by Reuters .

It all seems very believable this time around, but it will probably take several months before really discovering the result of these internal discussions.

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