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new setback for the president after yet another blocking attempt

The US Department of Justice has presented new evidence to a California judge seeking to ban an earlier ruling that allowed WeChat to be available on app stores. A request rejected by the person concerned, who remains in her position after taking the same decision a few weeks ago.


WeChat still has the right to exist on mobile app stores in the United States

twice repetitive. If the soap opera between the Trump administration and TikTok was closed last September after an agreement was reached in extremis with Oracle and Walmart, that of WeChat is likely to last several more months. Because at the moment, the US government is at an impasse to ban the application to multiple hats – messaging, payment service, purchase and information – belonging to the Chinese giant ByteDance.

New snub

As a reminder, the President of the United States wishes to remove it from mobile application stores because it would simply threaten the security of the country. Without the government currently providing evidence deemed reliable. In September, California judge Laurel Beeler then issued an injunction preventing the US from banning WeChat within the territory, the day before the deadline for the withdrawal of the application.

wechat trump reverse

See you in December during the call // Gamesdone: Pixabay – Geralt

In early October, the Department of Justice added its two cents by appealing the said injunction: heading to the United States Court of Appeal on a date yet to be determined. Except that in the meantime, this same ministry presented new evidence to Ms. Beller to try to convince her definitively. In vain. The interested party delivered her verdict available in a official document, and still does not seem convinced by the new elements provided, relays The Verge.

A soap opera that goes on and on

Still in the sights of the Trump administration, the WeChat platform will therefore play its future at the United States Court of Appeal, since the Department of Justice has once again turned to this jurisdiction to try to turn the tide. . This umpteenth pass of arms is not expected before December: by then, WeChat can continue to operate for the 19 million registered members of the Land of Uncle Sam.

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