Saturday, March 6

New look Tesla, wireless charging from Xiaomi and Intel is back

Another intense week for Tech. With novelties from Tesla, but also from Xiaomi, which played the surprise card with an unexpected product. The unexpected also on the side of Intel which launches … a graphics card. Back on what not to miss from the last seven days.

Tesla Model S 2021

Tesla revamps its two flagship models: the Model S and the Model Y

These were the somewhat surprise announcements of the week. Tesla has unveiled two new versions of its flagship electric vehicles. The most affordable version of the Model Y, the Standard Range, is approaching sooner than its schedule announced. The SUV has appeared on Tesla’s American configurator and orders can therefore begin. And Tesla has revised its technical sheet upwards for the occasion. Here is a faster model, more durable, but ultimately not as affordable as hoped.

Elon Musk also took the opportunity to unveil the makeover of his Model S and its three new versions. New design for the iconic electric car launched in 2012 and better range in sight. It will be available with three different types of engines, including an overpowered Plaid + model.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge: the wireless charger or base, but multi-device

The Chinese manufacturer unveiled a new wireless charging system this week that is quite unique. The Xiaomi Mi Air Charge does not have a cradle and can even charge any device remotely using millimeter waves. Most importantly, it could do this with multiple devices at the same time. No rush to charge quickly here, but a technology that promises to be bluffing.

Intel launches its first graphics card in 20 years

This is Intel’s big comeback in the graphics card market, 20 years after its last foray. But it promises to be symbolic above all. Lagging behind in the processor market, the American company obviously does not want to change its mind. She’s just trying a shot for the fame, it seems. In development for months, the Iris Xe “DG1” finally arrives. This is a low power product that will not compete with the RTX 3000 from Nvidia. Intel is embarking on a whole different gamble …

the video of the week

Make way for the shock of the titans this week: on your right, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. On your left, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. Which one is the best in photography? This is our comparison of the week. And it’s heavy in all areas of play!

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