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new idea, a QR code to enter a restaurant or a gym

According to information from TF1 / LCI, the government is considering setting up a QR Code system at the entrance to restaurants and sports halls. If a visitor is subsequently infected, other people present at the same time as him would then be notified.


The TousAntiCovid application // Gamesdone: Frandroid

The government would have an idea to allow the reopening of restaurants and sports halls. According to TF1 and LCI, the executive would study the idea of ​​a mandatory QR Code at the entrance to restaurants and sports halls. A system already put on the table several months ago, we are assured, then finally dismissed. Except that the project obviously seems to be watching the government again, which could then update the TousAntiCovid application.

Concretely, how would it work? The concept is very simple: when entering a restaurant, you should scan a QR code (via TousAntiCovid, logically) with your smartphone. By doing this, the establishment knows the day and time you came for lunch or dinner.

Two possible scenarios

Imagine that 24 hours later, another person, sitting in the same restaurant, on the same day and at the same time, is positive for Covid-19, then TousAntiCovid will automatically notify you. “In the event that the establishment offers several services, the alert system will operate by time slot», Adds LCI.

In the event of an alert, two scenarios are possible: an orange alert and a red alert. Note that this case applies to large restaurants, but the government has not yet defined a precise surface from which an establishment is considered a “large restaurant”.

The orange alert is sent if only one person is positive. In this case, TousAntiCovid will invite you and all the other people present at the same time as the positive case to go and get tested. If it’s a red alert, it means three people have tested positive. In this case, everyone is in contact: isolation then test.

An essential condition

Regarding small restaurants, a single positive case would consider all the other customers as a contact case. LCI does not spread more than that on the gyms, but in the idea, the system would surely be identical. Although in a climbing gym, as an example, users are asked to touch the same equipment. An element that the State may have to take into account.

If the government updates its application and deploys this type of functionality, it will therefore be necessary to download TousAntiCovid on its mobile device to return to the restaurant. It could also be interesting to scan a QR Code again when leaving it, in order to transmit the exact time slot of your passage. This would provide a more precise idea of ​​your coming.

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