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new editing options are coming, but will be reserved for paid users

Google Photos has announced the arrival of new photo editing options in Google Photos, but these features will only be available for Google One subscribers.

Google Photos photo editor

Google Photos redesigned photo editor // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Last October, for the launch of the Pixel 5, Google also updated its image management and editing application, Google Photos. The manufacturer had launched a new image editor with still new options. A month later, it was discovered that these functions could be reserved for users subscribed to the Google One storage solution. Finally, Google has just confirmed the information.

In a blog post published on Thursday, the Mountain View firm has indeed announced the arrival of new improved editing functions for Google One members. “Starting today, we’re bringing some of the editing features currently available on Pixel smartphones to Google One members.”, thus indicates Google. Some of the features offered include background blur for portrait mode, including after capturing the photo, lights for portraits, to highlight faces, or photo-based retouching. artificial intelligence to offer relevant filters depending on the type of shot.

This new feature will be available in the coming days as announced by Google. As a reminder, Google One is Google’s cloud storage offering. It allows you to enjoy 100 GB (for 1.99 euros per month) to 2 TB (for 9.99 euros per month) of storage. Without this subscription, Google Photos users will no longer be able to take advantage of free and unlimited hosting of their photos on Google’s photo management service from June 1.

New editing options for videos

Google took the opportunity to announce another feature for Google Photos: video editing. In addition to the tilt, orientation or shortening of videos, Google Photos will also allow you to manage around thirty other parameters. What bring the processing of videos closer to that of photos with exposure management, the addition of filters, image temperature or contrast management.

This option concerning videos will be available this time to all Google Photos users, and not just those who have opted for a paid Google One plan. It will be available on the iOS and Android versions of the Google Photos app.

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