Tuesday, April 13

Netflix to test background audio playback on Android

In-house testing for several months, the ability to listen to just the audio of a Netflix program in the background of another task is being tested on Android devices.

Netflix does not stop looking for solutions to innovate and “Always give more options and choices to users”. After live programs like TV grid, random playback or the possibility of accelerating the speed of broadcasting, audio playback in the background is becoming more precise at the video streaming giant. Spotted last October by the site XDA-Developers, the imminent arrival of the function has been confirmed to us, thus supporting aAndroid Police.

Inspired by YouTube and Apple

Like a podcast, you will be able to enjoy the content while doing something else. However, this is not new, the possibility already existing on YouTube Premium and for certain content at Apple.

Netflix told us that the test phase has not yet officially rolled out, but will arrive in the coming weeks. At first, Android users will be able to take advantage of the function. In the event of positive feedback, it will then be extended to other media.

How do I turn on audio only on Netflix?

The new function arrives with version 7.84.1 of the Netflix app (built 28 35243). Then a new button appears on the screen when you launch a program that allows you to display the video or not. If you choose to turn off video, the on-screen content is replaced by a black screen with the playback controls (play, forward / backward 10 seconds, audio and subtitles, next / previous episode, etc.).

It will be possible to activate only the sound of Netflix content

It will be possible to activate only the sound of Netflix content // Gamesdone: Android Police

As the site notes Android Police, it will also be possible to configure the settings for Audio mode to know when to use it (always active, with headphones or a speaker, Off).

The Audio only function will be available for the entire Netflix catalog, with the obvious exception of interactive programs.

Setting the audio only version of Netflix

The setting of the audio only version of Netflix // Gamesdone: Android Police

Advantage of this function, you will save data when you are in 4G / 5G. If you opt to listen to a program such as a concert or a one man show, the audio may be enough for you and your smartphone will not need to be in your hands.



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