Wednesday, December 1

Netflix boosts the audio quality of its content on Android


Via a new update, Netflix announced the arrival of “studio quality” sound on Android devices. And it will even be optimized according to your Internet connection.

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Sound matters as much as pictures to Netflix. The platform with 200 million users around the world is constantly making improvements to make audio a part of its experience.

By 2010, the streaming service began broadcasting in 5.1 surround sound. Seven years later, Dolby Atmos and Adaptive Bitrate Audio came in 2019 which, like video, optimizes sound quality based on your internet speed. And late last year, Netflix began testing the arrival of an “audio-only” mode for listening to content even when the screen of its mobile device is turned off.

To hear better in noisy environments

And the American giant does not intend to stop there. SOn its blog, Netflix announced its next update which will “optimize the hearing experience on Android devices“. Happy owners of compatible smartphones and tablets (running Android 9 and later) will be able to enjoy studio sound quality thanks to the xHE-AAC codec.

This will allow a “better intelligibility in noisy environments», Promises the platform which details all codec functionalities, dynamic ranges and acoustic perception in his blog post.

But this is not the only advantage of this codec. This new audio format deployed also allows you to optimize the audio quality according to your Internet connection, whether you are using Wi-Fi or 4G / 5G. The goal is not to alter your viewing with a sound that will crackle, be out of sync or otherwise, and thus impact your experience. This is in addition to the automatic volume management recently inducted.

Users of the service on iOS are a little neglected at first, Netflix often privileging its tests on Android. But do not worry, the Los Gatos firm does not forget them. They will soon be able to take advantage of the spatialization of sound with AirPods and AirPods Max headphones.


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