Wednesday, October 21

Netflix already admits canceling series due to the coronavirus, and this is the first victim

GLOW will not have a fourth season and Netflix admits that it is canceling the series because of the coronavirus pandemic. During this time of pandemic we have found numerous messages from Netflix in which they talked about how their planning is going many months in advance and the intention not to cancel series or run out of content. However, time passes and the crisis lengthens, so much so that for the first time it has admitted that it cancels a series because of Covid-19. It has taken everyone by surprise, but GLOW will not have a fourth season and fans will be left without the resolution of the plot despite the known of the series. Although it was confirmed months ago that they would shoot this final season, they have retracted a few hours ago. The most surprising thing to analysts is that filming was not delayed until the right conditions were given, but Netflix’s opacity sometimes prevents knowing what the cast contracts are, for example, or the actual numbers of the series. Sign up for Disney + and enjoy one of the most extensive catalogs in the streaming scene, with sagas like Star Wars or Marvel. According to information from Variety, Netflix admits that they have “made the difficult decision not to do the fourth season of GLOW due to COVID. Filming this series in person with its great cast was especially challenging. We are very grateful to the creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, Jenji Kohan and all the writers, cast and crew for sharing this story of the amazing women of GLOW with us and the world. ” With this statement Netflix says goodbye and we have another cancellation on the platform, something we have been getting used to in recent years. Showrunners Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch commented that “Netflix has decided not to finish filming the last season of GLOW. They gave us the creative freedom to do a comedy about women and tell their stories. And fight. And that’s gone.” Netflix has become more assiduous for the cancellation of series. After this situation raised by Netflix, the question remains about whether more cancellations will come due to the coronavirus. Between yesterday and today we have also read about the delays in the Dune or The Batman films and it seems that the industry is going to have a hard time regaining momentum: the infrastructures that move are large and nobody wants to start working and that the coronavirus stops the filming. A shame for all the people who followed GLOW, a different series that had managed to gain a foothold among Netflix subscribers thanks to its brave proposal.

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