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Netatmo can now control all types of boilers


Netatmo has unveiled a new Intelligent Modulating Thermostat which allows the connection of modern OpenTherm boilers, also compatible with all types of energy. And there is state aid to encourage people to save energy by equipping themselves.

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As winter arrives, Netatmo is expanding its offer. The French specialist in connected objects for the home has unveiled its new Intelligent Modulating Thermostat. A variation of its flagship device to manage the temperature of the house which extends to even more boilers.

A model for modern OpenTherm boilers

Because the new Netatmo Thermostat is compatible with so-called OpenTherm boilers. Unlike conventional boilers which turn on to heat the water in the radiators and then turn off – easy to manage for a thermostat that controls everything on demand – the OpenTherm models constantly adjust the water temperature and are therefore never completely stopped. Installing a connected thermostat is therefore not always easy to use.

Netatmo’s new modulating thermostat will thus adapt to a different and permanent management to better save energy according to different criteria. It adapts to the rhythm of the household by offering a personalized heating schedule, which can be controlled remotely from the Home + Control application.

Home + Control

Home + Control

Taking into account the insulation and the outside temperature

And the thermostat can also take into account the outside temperature as well as the thermal characteristics of the home to adjust the settings. The Auto-Adapt function analyzes the insulation of the premises and the outside weather to define the heating time necessary to reach the required temperature. One way to avoid overconsumption without compromising comfort.

Source : Netatmo

Gamesdone : Netatmo

Like Netatmo’s Smart Thermostat launched in 2013, and of which it uses the same design by Philippe Stark, the new Intelligent Modulating Thermostat allows you to manually adjust the heating temperature on its screen. It can be controlled remotely to start the heating at any time and program an automatic reduction when there is no one left at home. It is even possible to program Away and Frost Protection modes if you are not present for several days. And thanks to its compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit, it can be operated by voice with the help of Siri.

Also compatible with a domestic hot water tank

And the Intelligent Modulating Thermostat, which works wirelessly, doesn’t just manage the OpenTherm boilers for heating. It can also take care of the domestic hot water stored in a storage tank (storage boiler). The management of a dedicated schedule is then provided for in the application. It will then be possible to adjust the temperature, to stop the production of hot water during his holidays or to restart it for his return.

Netatmo’s Auto-Care system warns of any malfunction. You will be notified via a notification on your application or by email. The Thermostat identifies the problem to better share the information with its heating engineer. But unlike other competitive models, there is no direct connection – often through a security subscription – with a repairer notified of the problem.

All this also applies to condensing boilers which can use the Modulating Thermostat if they are not equipped. OpenTherm boilers can be gas, oil or wood. The new connected thermostat can also be connected to a dry contact boiler (classic), but it will then operate like the old model, without varying the temperature of the water in the heating circuit.

Source : Netatmo

Gamesdone : Netatmo

Price, availability and state aid

The Netatmo Intelligent Modulating Thermostat is available at a price of 239.99 euros. It is marketed on the Netatmo site in professional distribution channels and among energy suppliers.

Note that the Netatmo Thermostat is eligible for the bonus “Thermostat boost with efficient regulation” set up to encourage energy savings. This mechanism from the Ministry of Ecological Transition provides financial assistance of up to 150 euros for households fitted with energy consumption control systems and calling on an RGE certified installer.


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