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Navigo and iPhone pass, Galaxy S21 Ultra criticized by DxOMark and carbon fiber smartphone

Did you miss the news yesterday? The Tech’spresso of the day allows you to catch up with the essentials of Monday, March 1, 2021: the RATP application improves for iPhones, DxOMark notes the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and an impressive carbon fiber smartphone begins to be delivered to first buyers. To not miss the news, you can subscribe to the Frandroid newsletter.

The RATP application allows you to buy a Navigo pass on iPhone

Apple still restricts the NFC on its iPhones and therefore prevents them from replacing your transport ticket. In Île-de-France, however, the RATP application now allows you to buy your tickets on an Apple device. This solution is therefore added to the Île-de-France Mobilités platform, which already makes it possible to do this.

DxOMark is not satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

According to DxOMark, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is less good in photos and video than the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is one year older. Overall, the specialist’s criticisms can be summed up in one simple sentence: the smartphone does not make good use of the very premium photo module with which it is equipped.

A carbon fiber smartphone commands respect

The Carbon 1 MK II is a carbon fiber smartphone. This particularity allows it not to exceed a weight of 125 grams despite a 6-inch screen. This German device begins to be delivered to the first buyers.

Our video of the day: getting started with Xbox Game Pass on PC

The Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming platform powered by Microsoft’s xCloud technology is coming to PC. Discover our handling.

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Microsoft offers its employees to test its cloud gaming service on PC. We were able to get a trial version and do our own testing.
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