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N26 offers one year of premium card for its new customers, via a promo code

It is quite rare to come across offers for neobanks. This is however the case with N26 which currently offers one year of free card via its N26 YOU offer, which corresponds to a premium MasterCard.

The N26 online banking card with the smartphone application.

N26 is a German online bank with several offers and cards suitable for all types of profiles. It has many advantages over a traditional bank such as the absence of fees abroad on payments, withdrawals and account maintenance fees, but also great speed of registration. At the moment, N26 offers its YOU offer free of charge for new customers for 12 months by entering a promo code when registering.

An account with N26 is …

  • No account maintenance fees
  • Free withdrawals and payments abroad
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay compatibility

Until June 18, 2021, the N26 You account is free for 12 months for new customers using code N26FREEYOU during registration.

N26’s offer is currently free, but very comprehensive

N26 is one of the most popular neobanks in France and Europe. Its 100% dematerialized and mobile-based system is shaking up banking habits and has already won over millions of people in France and around the world.

N26 is a bank particularly suitable for travelers, because payments abroad are completely free and do not give rise to any additional costs. You can also fund it with transfers issued from your main bank account for specific purchases.

The level of insurance of an N26 You account corresponds to that of a Mastercard Premium card and gives access to a multitude of insurance products designed for travel, theft or everyday accidents. It is even possible to subscribe to additional insurance issued by the bank itself. For example, you can insure your phone, tablet or laptop PC for a few extra euros per month and thus have complete peace of mind in your business or personal trips.

Recently, N26 even offers to subscribe in a few clicks to a consumer credit of up to 50,000 euros, with a fixed rate.

A simple and functional application

As a service based exclusively on mobility, N26 had to offer an application and functions related to this use. This is obviously the case and N26 has arguably the best in its class. Concretely, it is possible to control everything from the latter, such as taking a full look at your accounts, defining your spending levels or simply changing your PIN code and locking your card.

Very practical, N26 always displays a notification on your phone when a payment has been issued, whether online or in store. In this way, it is easy to control your expenses and to be alerted to the slightest problem. However, you should know that the N26 card is systematically authorized, it will be complicated to use it on some payment platforms that do not take this type of card into account.

Finally, N26 is obviously compatible with new contactless payment methods such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. It is even possible to configure your connected watch in order to pay for a purchase simply by approaching it on a compatible terminal.

To learn even more, read our full N26 review.

Steps to open an account

Registration can be done online or on the N26 mobile app. This process only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is enter your contact details and verify your identity by sharing photos of an ID document. The account is then validated immediately. No need to fund your account before you can use it. You receive your card within 3 to 5 days, it can be used immediately.

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