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Musk thinks big, plans record production


Although showing a big delay at start-up, the new Tesla Model S and Model X will be entitled to a production rate worthy of the name. Elon Musk mentions up to 100,000 or even 125,000 units assembled per year. Unheard of, or almost.

Last January, the Tesla Model S and Model X received a more than welcome new version after eight and five years of loyal service, respectively. The opportunity for the Californian manufacturer to launch faster and better finished versions, which will accompany the success of the Model 3 and Model Y.

And as often, the boss of SpaceX was very optimistic about the schedule of deliveries then announced. Expected in February in the United States and in September in France, the new Model S and Model X will finally not land before the first quarter of 2022 in France, and this summer, if not autumn, in the Country of France. Uncle Sam.

Up to 125,000 Model S and Model X per quarter

In a recent telephone interview, Elon Musk also announced that large production volumes will not begin until the third quarter of the year. Nevertheless, the American entrepreneur will seek to revitalize the production rate with volumes worthy of the name.

Tesla Gigafactory

As relayed by Electrek, Mr. Musk intends to put the Tesla Model S and Model X back at the heart of his industrial specifications. This will result in a “ production of more than 2000 Model S and Model X per week ” assures the interested party.“If we are lucky, maybe we can climb to 2400 or 2500 unitsHe continues.

This will depend in particular on “supply chain issues, all of which are beyond our control. But I think that will be fixed», He believes. In the idea, the announced figures let predict an annual production of 100,000 models minimum, based on a year of 52 weeks, even 130,000 vehicles.

Record target, but when?

That would correspond to 25,000 or 32,500 units produced per quarter, which is numbers Tesla has never reached in 2020. Last year, the third quarter was the most prolific for the Model S and Model X with 16,992 vehicles assembled. . To find a quarterly production of around 25,000 Model S and X, we have to go back to the 2018 vintage.

After verification, Tesla has never produced more than 30,000 Model S and X in three months. Here, the manufacturer is therefore aiming for a new record, which will however not be reached for many months in view of its regularly upset schedule. We will probably have to wait until the last quarter of the year, if not 2022, to hope to exceed this threshold.

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